The 8 Categories of the Sales Performance Wheel
By Mike Schultz

sales performance

People often ask us, “What should we do to drive our sales success?”

It’s a complicated question. It’s not easy to decide what to tackle, when to tackle it, what results the organization should be targeting, where you can get the biggest bang for your buck, and what it really takes to get those results without further analysis.

This kind of analysis stymies many a company leadership team. So when we began analyzing sales forces two decades ago, we saw the need for an organizing framework to cut through all the complexity, and provide a lens through which to view a sales organization with a clear eye. The result: the Sales Performance Wheel.

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Why Social Selling Will Soon Just Be...Selling
By Ago Cluytens

social selling

Back in 1997 when I started my career, there were two things that everyone believed were going to revolutionize commerce and industry.

First there was the mobile revolution—upcoming mobile technologies were about to significantly impact how we interacted, shopped, and banked. The second was ecommerce, the prediction that brick and mortar enterprises were about to be displaced with "click" and mortars.

Did this all happen? Yes and no. Mobile phones indeed became the fastest-adopted consumer technology of all time. And online shopping is now a convenient and cost-effective route for buying stuff.

But we didn’t change what we do, just how we do it. Social selling is headed down this exact same road.

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9 Guidelines for Leading a Sales Performance Analysis
By Mike Schultz

sales performance analysis

Sales performance analysis is typically quite involved and complex. It’s no easy task to figure out how to improve, change, or build a sales strategy. But for those sales leaders who are taking a longer-term view and looking into sales performance optimization, a performance analysis is a necessary precursor.

Like other kinds of initiatives that can drive a business’ competitiveness and success, sales performance optimization doesn’t happen overnight. Unfortunately, anything that takes successive quarters or years is a particularly odd fit in the world of selling where the line of sight rarely extends beyond the end of the current quarter.

Should sales leaders take a longer-term view, they tend to reap the benefits and get outsized returns.

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Average Sales Win Rates: How Do You Compare?
By Mike Schultz

sales win rate

Two sellers are talking at the end of the day. One turns to the other and asks, “How was your day?”

“I had a great day,” the second seller says. “I sent out two proposals this morning, had a great first meeting with a new potential buyer, and finally got a meeting with a decision maker I’ve been trying to reach for a year!” Feeling proud, he asks the first seller, “How was your day?”

He answers, “I didn’t sell anything either.”

This is one of the challenging-yet-great things about sales. It’s measurable. At some point, you have to bring in the wins or you fail. Which begs the question, “What brings in the wins?”

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The ABCs of Selling
By Mike Schultz

complex sale

At some point or another, you've probably heard of the ABCs of selling: Always Be Closing. The mantra was popularized by Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross (warning: strong language).

It's not as simple as Baldwin's character would have you believe. In a complex sale, there are multiple decision makers, sales cycles extend for months on end, and relationships are crucial for winning sales and growing accounts.

To help you navigate the complex sale, we've put together our own ABCs of selling, with an important sales concept you should know assigned to each letter.

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