On-Demand Webinar: 5 Sales Strategies to Increase Your Win Rate
By Erica Stritch

win sales opportunities

Ever think you were going to win a big sale...and then you lost? Lost to the competition when you really should have won? Lost to no decision because the buyer didn't see the value or the urgency?

Sure, you can't win 'em all. But you can certainly win more. With the right strategies, ideas, and approach, your win rate will go up. If you lead a sales team, the right strategies across the board will help everyone win more sales, and help you exceed your overall revenue goals.

If you want your sellers to master their sales opportunities from the first touch to the close, this webinar with RAIN Group President Mike Schultz is essential to watch. He shares 5 recommended strategies that, when applied systematically, will help your team win more sales.

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4 Questions Sellers Must Ask to Build a Value Proposition
By Mike Schultz

4 questions to build a strong value proposition

Imagine it's the end of a long, important sales process. Your buyer has given you the verbal 'yes' to buy, but he has to deliver a summary of the value proposition case—why he's made the decision to move forward with you—to his peers and the board of directors. And no, you can't attend the meeting and speak alongside him. He must make the argument himself, and it has to be good.

If you want buyers to be armed with the best material to make this case, first you must be able to make it to yourself.

The most successful sellers make the value case to themselves as powerfully as possible—before getting buyers to believe in it just as strongly. Making the value proposition case is straightforward if you ask the following questions.

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The 4 Buyer Mindsets: Who Will Buy and Who Won't
By Mike Schultz

buying mode

Just because a buyer is in a position of authority—and has the financial ability to buy—doesn't mean they will, in fact, buy. They have to be in the right mindset.

We call the right mindsets "buying modes." The wrong mindsets, "non-buying modes." When you understand which mode someone is in, you'll know whether they’re inclined to make a purchase or not.

There are two different buying modes: Problem-solving, and Future-seeking. There are also two non-buying modes: Satisfied, and Euphoric.

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Want to Win Your Next Big Sale? Win Lab It
By Mike Schultz

sales opportunities

When it comes to winning big sales opportunities, sales leaders often share 2 complaints:

1.  Sellers aren't proactive. They fail to drive their most important sales opportunities forward with determination and rigor.

2.  Even when sellers are proactive, they don't follow a consistent process to put themselves in the best position to win the sale.

Based on our research and experience, we've found that the key to fixing these management headaches is to focus on opportunity planning, and installing the discipline in sellers to follow the plan.

In fact, the better sellers are at planning for sales opportunities, the higher the win rate. The RAIN Group Center for Sales Research recently studied the effects of sales opportunity management process and win rate. We asked, "Which of the statements below best describes the organization's overall process for winning individual sales opportunities."

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4 Examples of Big Plays to Help You Win Major Sales and Grow Accounts
By Mike Schultz

sales opportunities

Big plays are major actions you can take to win your most important sales opportunities and grow your most important accounts.

Read: What is a Big Play and When to Use One

The first step in creating a Big Play is to define the goal you're trying to achieve. It could be that you need to:

  1. Strengthen your relationship with the key buyers.
  2. Create new relationships in order to win the sale or grow the account.
  3. Maximize the buyers' perception of the value of moving forward, or choosing you.
  4. Displace or win against a strong competitor.

All four of these challenges can be overcome with the right Big Play. Here are examples of Big Plays that address all 4 areas.

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