Become certified to deliver RAIN Group sales training programs.

Many clients prefer to bring sales training delivery capabilities in-house. We support this by offering Train the Trainer certification for our suite of sales training programs. We work with you to tailor the training program, and then teach you how to deliver it to your team so you can use it on an ongoing basis.

Deliver Ongoing Training Cost-Effectively

Deliver Ongoing Training Cost-Effectively

Control the delivery schedule, timing, and content. With your own trainers, you’re able to deliver training on an ongoing basis.

Get New Sellers Up to Speed Fast

Get New Sellers Up to Speed, Fast

With in-house trainers, you’ll be able to train new hires in sales from the get-go, getting them to full productivity fast.

Leverage Our World-Class Sales Method

Leverage our World-Class Sales Method

Implement our world-class sales methodology and bring your sales to the next level. No reinventing the wheel—just learn from the best.

Rigorous Certification Process

We have a robust certification process. Trainers will:

  • Observe a RAIN Group facilitator
  • Attend a Train the Trainer session
  • Co-deliver with a RAIN Group facilitator
  • Deliver on their own with a RAIN Group facilitator present and evaluating their performance
  • Receive ongoing learning, support, and updates

Throughout the certification process, your trainers will be coached and given feedback on what they need to do specifically to deliver effective and engaging training sessions.

Once certified, your trainers will be able to deliver the licensed training materials on an ongoing basis, resulting in cost-effective, results-producing training for you.

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Why Sales Training Fails

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