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Selling to Senior Executives

Inspire trust and confidence with senior executives.

Selling to senior executives requires a different approach than most sales. Not only is it more challenging to reach the C-Suite, but executive buyers operate on a different scale, driving change at an organizational level.

In Selling to Senior Executives, sellers learn how to shift their mindset, identify and present solutions that align with strategic objectives, and navigate complex selling situations with senior buyers.

This program introduces the nuances of executive-level sales and gives your team a framework to elevate their sales approach, capture attention, build trust, and win.

Top-Performing Sellers are...

more likely to inspire confidence and succeed with executive-level buyers.
more likely to excel at developing enterprise-level relationships.
more likely to excel at inspiring buyers to reach out to them for advice and ideas.

Source: RAIN Group Center for Sales Research, The Top-Performing Seller

Succeeding with the C-suite is possible—and it starts with the methods in Selling to Senior Executives.

Watch this video to learn how selling to senior executives differs from lower-level buyers.

Unlock the C-Suite

Learn how your team can:

  • Adjust their approach to high-level sales
  • Learn the priorities and buying styles of executives
  • Plan for meetings with executives

Selling to Senior Executives Training Modules

With our selection of portable, modular blocks, we work with you to quickly design custom curricula with the sales skill content your team needs to master executive-level sales.

module_icon Principles of Selling to Senior Executives
  • Explore the 9 key principles of selling to senior executives
  • Understand the differences between selling to senior executives and others
  • Learn to gain and keep the attention of senior executives
module_icon What Senior Executives Care About
  • Determine how selling to senior executives is different specifically for you
  • Explore the critical concept of hurdle rate and why it’s so powerful 
  • Immerse yourself in the priorities and concerns of your executive-level buyers
module_icon Gaining Access to Senior Executives
  • Learn how impressing and setting meetings with senior executives is different 
  • Explore how to project gravitas to set more meetings with senior executives
  • Identify how to succeed with gatekeepers to win their support  
module_icon Developing Executive Presence
  • Know the key traits that demonstrate gravitas and impress senior executives
  • Learn how to become and stay a “person of interest” to senior executives
  • Understand how to earn the trust of skeptical senior executives
module_icon Preparing for Sales Meetings with Senior Executives
  • Learn how to prepare differently for sales meetings with senior executives
  • Identify topics in advance that are likely to resonate with senior executives
  • Prepare for executive-level objections, pushbacks, and challenges
module_icon Interaction Insight: Driving Buyer Insights and Points of View
  • Challenge buyer points of view vigorously yet respectfully to drive buyer insight
  • Learn to change the conversation and differentiate based on the ideas you share and inspire
  • Impress and persuade executives based on how you lead advanced consultative selling discussions
module_icon Inspiring Buyer Action: New Reality and the Buyer Change Blueprint
  • Learn the most powerful framework for driving buyer action, decisions, and change
  • Work with buyers to ensure the value case is most compelling and powerful
  • Communicate your advantages and differentiators most persuasively
module_icon Leading an Executive-Level Sales Meeting
  • Practice selling to a senior executive in a roleplay scenario  
  • Evaluate your readiness to succeed in meetings with senior executives
  • Review, summarize, and plan specifically for success with senior executives

We offer a full curriculum of modules across the sales cycle from prospecting to advanced consultative selling, virtual selling, winning major sales, account management, and sales management. Learn more about our suite of sales training programs east

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