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New sales hires listen to an onboarding session.

[Infographic] 11 Best Practices for Sales Onboarding

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Written by Mary Flaherty
Vice President, Research and Thought Leadership

When it comes to sales performance, getting the most out of your team starts with strong onboarding. Organizations with effective onboarding are 6.3x more likely to prepare their new sales hires to succeed.

Ineffective onboarding means longer time to productivity and higher new-hire turnover. And with only 35% of survey respondents rating their onboarding programs as extremely or very effective, most organizations are fighting an uphill battle. 

Onboarding new hires can be a hurdle to overcome, but it's also an opportunity to start on the right foot. To succeed, you'll need to align sellers with your products and services, sales methodology, culture, tools, and more. 

Like any other sales training or enablement initiative, onboarding takes foresight and planning to do well. In this infographic, we share 11 best practices for creating an onboarding program that prepares new hires to sell effectively.

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11 Best Practices for Sales Onboarding Infographic

Resources to Improve Your Onboarding

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Published April 17, 2024

Topics: Sales Management