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Key Influences on Sales Motivation

Key Influences on Sales Motivation

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Written by Mike Schultz
President, RAIN Group

For the best sales results, you need to have a highly motivated team bringing their A-game, day in and day out. Often, it's up to sales managers to make sure their team maintains this positive and results-driven attitude.

But it’s not always easy.

According to our Top-Performing Sales Organization research, 55% of Top Performers agree that managers are effective at creating and sustaining maximum selling energy compared to only 32% of The Rest. Of course, management isn't the only key influence on sales motivation.

5 Fundamentals to Increase Sales Motivation

Companies commonly focus on compensation, bonuses, and incentives to get top performance out of their sales team. Yet sellers bring their own intrinsic motivation to their jobs, and it's up to the organization to tap into them. So how exactly can you increase sales motivation for yourself and the rest of the team?

Here are the five areas we recommend you focus on:

Ultimately, Sales Motivation Goes Deeper than Money

The organizations stuck in the old “throw more money at it” mindset are now finding that true sales motivation requires a more comprehensive approach. The numbers don’t lie: organizations with an immature approach to sales motivation tend to experience poor performance and high turnover.

The framework we’ve laid out above—Culture and Company, Management, Intrinsic Motivators, Execution, and Value—is a great place to start.

Remember: purpose and value. If you want to boost sales motivation, you need to look beyond changing compensation and the challenges that come with it. Instead, work towards building a value-focused sales organization that gives sellers real purpose.

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Last Updated October 18, 2023

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