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8 Ways to Maximize Sales in 2023

Infographic: 8 Ways to Maximize Sales

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Written by Erica Schultz
Chief Marketing Officer, RAIN Group

When economic uncertainty leads to organizations everywhere tightening their belts, sellers are hard-pressed to stay efficient and keep revenue flowing.

So how can you and your sellers stay on track and cross the finish line strong?

There are plenty of ways to get the most out of the team you already have. In this infographic, you'll find 8 areas of focus to keep winning sales, each a category where Top-Performing Sellers excel compared to The Rest. Only 18.7% of sellers qualify as Top Performers, so there's always room for improvement!

Get a roadmap to drive sales and be first in the winner's circle with these 8 areas of opportunity.

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8 Ways to Maximize Sales in 2023

Resources to Maximize These 8 Areas

  1. Drive Value: How to Change the Buyer Conversation with Insight (download)
  2. Improve Sales Skills Across the Sales Cycle: 26 Sales Training Topics to Boost Performance (download)
  3. Grow Your Existing Accounts: 6 Tips to Sell More to Existing Accounts (article + checklist)
  4. Succeed with People: How to Build Rapport in Sales (article)
  5. Increase Productivity: 7 Time Management Tips to Boost Your Productivity (article)
  6. Deliver Effective Sales Training: Sales Training Topics to Drive Results (article)
  7. Develop Your Sales Managers: The Top-Performing Sales Manager Benchmark Report (download)
  8. Create an Environment of Sales Excellence: What is Sales Management? Skills, Roles, and Best Practices (article + infographic)

Want to reevaluate your sales team and find more opportunities to stay competitive? Get in touch with us.

Last Updated February 28, 2024

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