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What Sales Metrics Should You Track? – The Essential List [PDF]

"What gets measured gets managed."

– Peter Drucker

Only when you have a good sense of what's going on in your organization can you decide which buttons to push to make the greatest improvements. Even small efforts to track key sales metrics can quickly drive better results.

Yet many organizations fail on this account. In their recent benchmark report, Hubspot found that 74% of companies who were falling short of their goals weren't tracking their lead or sales opportunity numbers.1

In our sales consulting work, we've seen literally hundreds of sales metrics—some important, some not so much. Of course, every company is different and no company tracks them all. The list below, however, while deliberately not exhaustive, contains the sales metrics that tend to be important for leaders to track and know.


Click to download the PDF.

Not all of the sales metrics in the list are going to be important for you to track. It's up to you to define the metrics that align with your priorities and put the process in place to track them, and we hope this guide gets you started. 

1. Aquilante, Laurie. "Demand Generation Benchmarks Report." HubSpot (2015): http://offers.hubspot.com/demand-generation-benchmarks-report

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