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Sales Coaching

Develop a top-performing sales team.

Coaching is what makes training stick, transfer to the job, and last long-term.

Our proprietary Extreme Productivity approach to sales coaching has driven exceptional results, such as generating $100,000,000 in additional sales pipeline in 6 months at a large telecommunications company and achieving a 16X ROI on the program within 4 months at global accounting firm.

RAIN Group's sales coaching introduces your team to our 90-day XP coaching process to maximize motivation, drive, and accountability. We ensure that all sellers are performing at the top of their game.

You’ll experience exceptional increases in productivity, execution, and sales results.

Build a Team of Top Performers

An effective coach can be the most significant factor in a seller’s success. We can coach your teams directly or train your sales managers to run our proprietary XP coaching process, proven to help sellers achieve top performance.

Build a Team of Top Performers
Develop Sales Skills

Develop Sales Skills

One of the most effective ways to make sure training sticks and seller behavior changes is through sales coaching. Our coaching process helps to develop the skills of your sales team, reinforce concepts learned in training, and hold sellers accountable to their sales goals and action plan.

Boost Motivation and Stay On Track

Our coaching process introduces a regular rhythm, where coaches meet with the team to create goal and action plans, build winning strategies, hone skills, and stay on task and on target. With a coach by their side, sellers won’t just meet their goals, they’ll consistently beat them.

Boost Motivation to Keep Sellers on Track

Our Approach to Sales Coaching

We have a unique, transformational 90-day Extreme Productivity coaching process proven to drive accountability, change behavior and habits, and unleash sales potential. Our sales coaching offerings include:

Individual coaching

Individual Coaching

We’ll work with individuals on your team to improve skills, change behavior, and help them reach top performance.

Group coaching

Group Coaching

We’ll work with small teams to help reinforce training, build sales skills, and change behaviors.

Deal coaching

Deal Coaching

We offer structured and ad hoc coaching for individuals and teams on winning your most important opportunities. When the stakes are high, a RAIN Group coach can help you win.

Account manager coaching

Account Manager Coaching

We work with account managers to develop strategies to grow specific accounts and improve account management skills. Learn more.

Extreme Productivity Challenge

Extreme Productivity ChallengeSM

If you’re serious about improving sales, the Extreme Productivity Challenge is a proven way to boost performance, fast. This 90-day, intensive program includes regular coaching to keep sellers on track and on target. Learn more.

Coach the sales coach

Coach the Coach

We’ll coach your sales managers, teaching them our proven coaching process. Your coaches will learn to get the most out of your sellers and make sure they spend time on the activities that will have the greatest impact. Learn more.

One of the Biggest Differences You Can Make for Sellers


of Elite Performers believe their sellers have the skills they need to consistently drive and win sales opportunities.


of Top-Performing Sales Organizations meet their sales goals vs. only 49% of The Rest.


of companies do not believe their sellers manage their time and day effectively.

According to our Top-Performing Sales Organization research, only 3 in 10 companies agree their sellers manage their time and day effectively. Meanwhile, Elite and Top Performers are much more likely to have sellers with the skills they need to win sales and meet goals.

Having a coach by your side is one of the most effective ways to improve sales performance. Yet it’s an area most organizations can do better in.

Our sales coaching will give your team the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to become top performers.

"RAIN Group’s Sales Coaching training delivered great suggestions and techniques to enable sales managers to get the best out of their teams. A challenge is to imbed the tools and disciplines into our daily routine and an important step starts with the coaching and accountability sessions. We’ve seen a boost in activity following the training from both coaches, in putting the processes in place, and from the sales team in preparing their account plans."

- Gavin Jackson, Head of Sales, Toyota Fleet Management

Experience Success Like Our Clients

cStor improved gross profit margin on sales won by 12.2%.

cStor’s sales professionals were using an inconsistent sales approach focusing on features instead of desired outcomes. They engaged with RAIN Group and embarked on a multi-year improvement journey to provide sellers with a common sales methodology.

Through a mix of assessment, onsite workshops, reinforcement, and coaching cStor has been able to change behaviors and the way they sell. Results achieved, include:

  • Number of deals closed year-over year improved by 15.2%
  • Gross profit margins on sales won improved by 12.2% as sellers focused more on rational and emotional business outcomes as opposed to features and benefits
  • Reduced average days to close by 10.4%
  • Results were so strong the program won a Stevie Award for Sales Training Program of the Year

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