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Drive and inspire top sales performance.

Many people find themselves in the role of sales manager as the result of a promotion to recognize their top performance as a seller. But the skills that make for a successful seller and a successful sales manager are quite different. In fact, managing a sales team is one of the more difficult jobs in any company.

In the RAIN Sales Management training program, participants learn how to direct the people on their teams, keep them motivated, and hold them accountable so sellers not only meet but consistently exceed sales targets.

We take a modular approach to curriculum development and build programs for the types of sales situations your sellers face, whether it be primarily virtual selling (Managing Sellers Virtually) or face-to-face.


Keep Sellers Motivated

If you want to grow sales, you need all of your sellers bringing their A-game day in and day out. RAIN Sales Management will allow you to unleash the motivation, energy, passion, and commitment of your sales teams.

Keep Sellers Motivated
Hold Sales Teams Accountable

Hold Sales Teams Accountable

Accountability is a huge issue in many sales organizations. Our sales manager training ensures that sellers are held accountable for executing their plans and producing results.

Exceed Sales Targets

Having an effective manager can be a significant factor in a seller’s success. This program will teach managers what it takes to get top performance from sellers. The result: a focused sales team that exceeds sales targets.

Exceed Sales Targets

Learning Objectives

RAIN Sales Management is tailored and contextualized for your business and the situations your managers regularly face. Your sales managers will learn how to:

  • Understand the factors that impact sales performance and where managers can have the greatest influence
  • Help sellers build meaningful and achievable goal and action plans to maximize performance
  • Hold sellers accountable to their actions and goals
  • Excel in the 5 roles that make for a great sales manager
  • Be effective communicators and decision makers
  • Manage the sales pipeline of their teams with rigor and accuracy
  • Use the RAIN Group Sales Opportunity Planner to help sellers speed up sales and get the most out of each opportunity
  • Coach for top performance, motivation, and execution

Our Approach to Sales Management Training

We take a blended approach to learning that leads to real behavior change and results. Our programs include a mix of delivery options and components, including:

On-site sales training

Onsite Workshops

Bring RAIN Sales Management training onsite with live workshops for sales managers and leaders. Training is customized based on your industry, company, and solutions.

Online sales training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Accessible wherever your sellers are, this program is delivered via highly interactive and engaging vILT sessions.


Sales reinforcement


Our learning system ensures that training is reinforced over time. From job aids and tools to online learning, email reinforcement, and coaching, we achieve a 94% uptake on learning so skills are learned and applied.

Sales assessments


Where do your skill gaps lie? Who is most likely to succeed as a sales manager? Our assessment tools allow us to develop a curriculum that best suits your needs.

Virtual instructor-led training

Online Learning

Reinforce skills. Train a dispersed sales force. Improve new hire ramp-up. We have a complete library of online learning lessons that cover a variety of topics critical for sales management success. Customize lessons and environments for your company.

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Keep your sales training capabilities in-house. We’ll certify your delivery staff in the RAIN Sales Management method so you can deliver training on an ongoing basis.


Sales Manager Coaching

We discuss program topics, including driving Extreme Productivity of sales teams, winning major sales opportunities, and leading masterful sales coaching conversations through our own post-program coaching process.

Win Labs

Win Labs

We'll join sales managers in running their first Win Labs with their teams, helping drive sales wins and skills for managers and teams to win major sales opportunities.

The Most Important Factor in Building a Culture of Sales Excellence


of companies do not believe their managers have the skills needed to manage and coach sellers.


Elite performers are 2.4X more likely than The Rest to agree that sales managers and leaders are effective at maximizing selling energy.


of companies do not believe people in selling roles manage their time and day effectively.

An important leverage point for many companies is their sales managers. Sales managers hold the keys to unlocking sales performance.

Yet, according to our Top-Performing Sales Organization research, only 3 in 10 companies agree that sales managers have the skills they need to manage and coach sellers. This means that if you line up 10 sales managers, seven of them don’t have the skills to do their jobs effectively. This is the lowest of all the sales skills we studied.

Our sales manager training will give your team the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to keep sellers motivated, hold them accountable, and manage a team that not only meets, but exceeds their sales goals.

"With RAIN Group’s help, we have transformed our sales organization into an engine for company growth! Business development activity and results immediately improved after the training. Now it has been many months since the initial training, and we are seeing continued improvement with sales up 31%. RAIN Group continues to help us make the right moves and continues reinforcement training activities, and things just get stronger. A true change agent, they are a big part of our success."

- Frank Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Modern Postcard

Experience Success Like Our Clients

cStor wins significantly more sales, improves profit margin, and increases productivity.

When cStor’s sales professionals were using an inconsistent sales approach, they brought in RAIN Group for a multi-year initiative to establish a common sales methodology.

RAIN Group assessed the team to pinpoint areas for improvement, delivered RAIN Selling workshops, provided coaching and reinforcement, and lent recruiting assistance. Results were impressive:

  • Number of deals closed year-over year improved by 15.2%
  • Gross profit margin on sales won improved by 12.2%
  • Reduced average days to close by 10.4%
  • Results were so impressive the program won a prestigious Stevie Award for Sales Training/Coaching Program of the Year

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