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Virtual instructor-led sales training to drive sales results.

Virtual learning has often played the role of second fiddle to live, in-person training. Creating and maintaining participant engagement, and driving learning and behavior change, have been elusive without the lynchpin of classroom training.

However, with the widespread acceptance of video meeting rooms, changes in micro-learning, collaboration, and virtual technologies, along with the advent of innovative offerings like RAIN Group Total Access® and Execution Assurance, virtual training now rivals, and in some cases outperforms, in-person training in effectiveness and client results.

RAIN Group Digital, virtual instructor-led training (vILT), is the most engaging, effective, and results-driven virtual sales training available.

Train a Geographically Dispersed Workforce

vILT allows participants from around the world to attend training from their home-base location.

Train a Geographically Dispersed Workforce
Reduce Time Spent Out of the Field

Reduce Time Spent Out of the Field

Time spent out of the field is time spent not selling. Keep sellers focused while sharpening and enhancing their skills.

Quickly Gain and Improve Skills

90-minute sessions with specific actions in between help sellers quickly learn and adopt new skills, receive feedback, and improve.

Quickly Gain and Improve Skills

Benefits of RAIN Group Digital

RAIN Group Digital vILT offers many benefits. It can be blended with live, in-person training, or work as standalone program. Benefits include:

  • Quickly and easily train geographically dispersed teams
  • Reduce the amount of time sellers spend out of the field
  • 90-minute modular framework is exceptionally flexible for customization and delivery of programs
  • Customized job aids and tools make training applicable so it sticks and is used on-the-job
  • Reduce costs by eliminating travel, facilities, equipment, and staffing requirements
  • Increased action, focus, and motivation between sessions with RAIN Group's exclusive Execution Assurance process
  • Train during times of travel restrictions

Our Approach to Virtual Instructor-led Sales Training

We take a blended approach to learning that results in real behavior change. Key components of our approach include:

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

90-Minute vILT Sessions

We have a robust library of discrete delivery modules across our training programs that are highly interactive with polls, discussion, video, breakout rooms, and more.

Sales Tools and Job Aids

Tools and Job Aids

vILT lends itself to roll out and adoption of job aids and tools helpful for sellers to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Mobile-first Sales Learning

Mobile-first Micro Learning

Participants receive bite-sized, mobile-friendly, micro-learning snippets that introduce and reinforce content.



Lessons, micro-learning, tools, and reinforcement are all straightforward, flexible, and customizable to make training relevant and inspiring for your team.

Online Learning

Online Learning

Asynchonrous eLearning lessons reinforce concepts learned in the program and are available 24/7 for reference and support.

Pre- and Post-Session Actions

Pre- and Post-Session Actions

Sellers immediately use new skills on-the-job between each session and receive direct feedback, allowing them to quickly adopt and improve skills.

Total Access

RAIN Group Total Access® 

Embed a robust sales method with full access to RAIN Group's world-class IP and education system. Learn more.

Execution Assurance Coaching

Execution Assurance Coaching

Accelerate your results with our 90-day execution assurance coaching—the key to ensuring sellers are held accountable, change happens, and training generates maximum ROI.

"RAIN Group provided an exceptional and leading-edge virtual learning experience for our national sales channel. We were struggling with a geographically dispersed sales team that was time poor and had found that self-directed e-learning did not give us the same benefits as pre-set, collaborative learning sessions that the channel was used to in traditional classroom training. RAIN Group’s response to our challenge was exceptional; they conceived, designed and deployed a best-in-class Virtual Sales Academy using a mixture of virtual live delivery, interactive digital reinforcement, and eLearning, and it proved to be a great success. I would not hesitate to recommend RAIN Group as a partner to deliver sales capability uplift to a remote and dispersed sales team."

- James Hourigan, National Sales Director, Optus SMB

"The vILT program that RAIN Group conducted for our team provided a cost-effective, virtual training that kept our team focused and engaged. Enhancing salesmanship is always a top priority, but gathering a field team in-person isn’t always practical. By hosting virtual coaching sessions, we continued our discussions, made sure the changes and improvements everyone made were put into practice, and kept all of us accountable. I highly recommend vILT as a primary form of training or as an extension of in-person learning."

- Nicole Roach Louderback, Director Commercial Sales, SAGE Publishing

See Success Like Our Clients

RAIN Group delivers award-winning sales results.

RAIN Group has been recognized as a Top 20 Sales Training Company by Selling Power and Training Industry, and has won numerous awards with clients for their sales training programs:

  • Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award for Innovative Sales Training Program of the Year with SAGE Publishing
  • Gold Stevie Award for Sales Training Program of the Year
  • Gold Stevie Award for Business Development Achievement of the Year with Chatham Financial
  • Bronze Stevie Award for Sales Training Program of the Year with cStor
  • Gold Stevie Award for Sales training Practice of the Year

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Chatham Financial

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