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Strategic Account Management

How to penetrate, expand, and protect key accounts.

How many of your accounts are buying everything they should from you, across all of your capability areas?

Selling to existing accounts is one of the biggest untapped opportunities for revenue growth. In fact, Top Performers in strategic account management experience significantly greater revenue growth, profit growth, and year-over-year client satisfaction.

With RAIN Group Strategic Account Management training, your team will gain the critical skills and knowledge needed to turn account growth opportunity into account growth reality. They’ll learn a proven process for strategic account planning that will allow them to systematically review and grow their accounts.

We take a modular approach to curriculum development and build programs for the types of sales situations your sellers face, whether it be primarily virtual selling (Virtual Strategic Account Management) or face-to-face.


Develop Enterprise-Level Relationships

Our Strategic Account Management training teaches your team how to find, coordinate, and connect with key buying influencers across an organization, and foster those relationships for the greatest success.

Develop Enterprise-Level Relationships
Keep the Competition at Bay

Keep the Competition at Bay

Having a competitor steal an account or win business you should have is a frustrating experience. Learn a process to craft strategies that neutralize, unseat, and protect your accounts from competitive threats.

Grow Existing Accounts

Increasing business with existing accounts is the #1 priority for sales leaders in the year ahead. Our training gives your sellers the skills, knowledge, and tools to do this with the greatest possible success.

Grow Existing Accounts

Learning Objectives

Strategic Account Management is tailored and contextualized for your business and the sales situations your sellers regularly face. Your team will learn to:

  • Build strategies for strategic account planning and management
  • Construct a strategic account team poised to maximize success
  • Lead value discovery sessions internally and with accounts for the purpose of value discovery, connection, and co-creation
  • Manage and expand key accounts once they become clients
  • Identify needs from the buyer’s perspective, strengthening and deepening your ability to create value in your accounts
  • Set the agenda and get your project to the top of the buyer’s priority list
  • Get the best results possible from your selling efforts

Our Approach to Strategic Account Management Training

We take a blended approach to learning that results in real behavior change. Our programs include a mix of delivery options and components, including:

On-site sales training

Onsite Workshops

Bring strategic account management training on site with live workshops for sellers, account managers, and sales managers. Training is customized based on your SAM maturity, industry, company, and solutions. 

Online sales training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Accessible wherever your sellers are, this program is delivered via highly interactive and engaging vILT sessions that address strategic account management topics and strategies relevant to your team.

Sales reinforcement


Our learning system ensures that training is reinforced over time. From job aids and tools to online learning, email reinforcement, and coaching, we achieve a 94% uptake on learning so skills are learned and applied.

Sales assessments


Where do the skill gaps in your team lie? Who is most likely to succeed in an account management role? Our assessment tools allow us to develop a curriculum that best suits your needs.

Virtual instructor-led sales training

Online Learning

Reinforce skills. Train a geographically-dispersed sales force. Improve new hire ramp-up. We have a complete Strategic Account Management online learning program. Customize lessons and environments for your company.

Strategic account management consulting

SAM Consulting & Advisory

We see companies leaving account growth opportunities on the table every day. We can help you design SAM processes and structures to capture these opportunities.

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Keep your sales training capabilities in-house. We’ll certify your delivery staff so you can deliver training on an ongoing basis.

Measure sales results


We work with you to define and track the metrics that are most important to you (e.g., account growth, opportunity growth, profitability, etc.).

Total Acess

Total Access

Embed a robust sales method with full access to RAIN Group's world-class content, training programs, and education system at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Execution Assurance Coaching

Execution Assurance Coaching

Accelerate your results with our 90-day execution assurance process—the key to ensuring sellers are held accountable, change happens, and training generates maximum ROI.

Increasing Business with Existing Accounts – Huge Untapped Opportunity


of companies believe they are ineffective at maximizing sales to existing accounts across capability areas.


The #1 priority cited by sales leaders in the year ahead is increasing business with existing accounts.


of companies believe they should be generating at least 25% more revenue from their strategic accounts.

Based on results from our Top-Performing Sales Organization and Top Performance in Strategic Account Management research studies, it’s clear that companies know there is significant opportunity to grow sales with existing accounts.

Yet few are able to turn that opportunity into account growth reality.

Our Strategic Account Management program will give your team the knowledge, skills, tools, and action plan they need to tap into this opportunity and grow your key accounts. We’ll walk you through a strategic account planning process that will make your sales efforts more focused and productive by prioritizing the areas that will allow you to achieve the greatest key account growth success.

"RAIN Group helped us accelerate our strategic account management process. Our sellers spend a lot of time with existing relationships. In order to grow our revenue in existing accounts we need to identify new relationships, new buying centers, and provide fresh compelling insights and ideas. RAIN Group provided us a framework to penetrate new buying centers and bring new, big ideas to our clients."

- Vice President Market Development, Hitachi Solutions

Experience Success Like Our Clients

Woodard & Curran grows strategic accounts by 110% year-over-year.

As Woodard & Curran grew and expanded its offerings, they faced the challenge of selling their full set of capabilities to their existing clients. To help establish a process for growing their existing accounts, they brought in RAIN Group.

RAIN Group assessed skills to identify professionals’ strengths and weaknesses, developed a customized Strategic Account Management program, developed custom tools, and reinforced training through online learning. Key metrics include: 

  • 110% year-over-year growth in the named accounts where RAIN Group’s strategic account method was applied
  • Sales grew from $250,000 to $3.5 million in a single account

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