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Extreme Productivity Challenge (XPC)

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Maximize motivation, take control of your TIME, and achieve peak performance with productivity training.

Sellers today are more distracted than ever. The never-ending dings, rings, and buzzings that interrupt work flow every few minutes are killing focus and productivity.

More importantly, they're killing your sales results.

You need a highly motivated and focused sales team that brings their A-game day in and day out. The Extreme Productivity Challenge (XPC) teaches your sellers and sales managers how to get more done in the time they have, helping them to achieve exceptional increases in productivity and results.

XPC is a unique, transformational, 90-day experience proven to drive accountability, change behavior and habits, and unleash sales potential.

If you want to give your team the skills they need to increase productivity and focus, and reduce distractions, this is the program for you.

Transform Sales Results

Transform Sales Results

XPC is a transformational experience that's proven to change seller behavior and habits. It's an intensive program that achieves exceptional increases in productivity and sales results.

Maximize Motivation

Maximize Motivation

One of the keys in XPC is maximizing seller motivation to make consistent progress and achieve their goals. With our motivation hacks, you'll have a team ready to bring their A-game day in and day out.

Drive Execution

Drive Execution

You'll implement an accountability system to maximize execution. Each seller will develop a rock-solid productivity plan with specific goals and actions and XP coaches will hold them to it.

Learning Objectives

In going through our Extreme Productivity System, your team will learn how to:

  • Maximize motivation, make consistent progress, and achieve goals
  • Ignite proactivity
  • Control their TIME with the simplest, most effective time management system
  • Ignore distractions, focus, and get in the extreme productivity zone
  • Master The XP3 and 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity
  • Implement an accountability system to maximize execution
  • Reengineer habits to drive success and happiness
  • Achieve maximum output per work hour by focusing on the activities that get you outsized returns.
"We embarked on the sales transformation journey three years ago with RAIN Group and they guided us every step of the way. They fundamentally changed behaviors and the way we sell."

- Larry Gentry, President & CEO, cStor

Sellers Are Not Managing their Time and Focus Well


of companies do not believe their sellers manage their time and day effectively.


Elite Performers are 2.4x more likely than The Rest to agree that sales managers and leaders are effective at maximizing selling energy.


of Elite Performers believe their culture drives and supports sellers' motivation to succeed.

According to our Top Performing Sales Organization researchonly 3 in 10 companies agree that their sellers manage their time and day effectively. This means that if you line up 10 sellers, 7 of them are wasting time on activities that are not producing desired results.

Elite and Top-Performing companies are significantly more likely to report a stronger culture that supports motivation, and sales managers who maximize seller energy.

Having a highly-motivated sales team is essential to see consistent sales results.

In Extreme Productivity, your team will learn to master The XP3—3 Keys of Extreme Productivity. They'll learn to manufacture motivation, control their TIME, and execute in the zone.

How We're Different



Our XPC is fueled by decades of experience working with sales teams and managers, studying productivity, and our own primary research, including The Top-Performing Sales Organization, What Sales Winners Do Differently, and Top Performance in Strategic Account Management.

Productivity for Sales

Productivity for Sales

While there are many productivity programs, hacks, and tools out there to build a more productive workforce, the XPC has been proven to work specifically for sales. Sellers and sales managers are a different breed and require a program just for them.

Complete Learning System

Complete Learning System

Training is not our focus. Behavior change is. We have a complete learning system focused on real behavior change and results that includes the XP Assessment, robust reinforcement, XP Planner, and XP coaching to ensure that skills work, stick, and transfer to the job.

The XPC Approach

XPC is a 90-day intensive program that achieves exceptional increases in productivity and results. Our approach includes:

Extreme Productivity Assessment

A self- and multi-rater tool that measures 36 productivity behaviors and how they affect performance. Pinpoint the best areas for driving increased productivity and results.

1-Day Intensive Workshop

Participants learn the 3 Keys (The XP3) and 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity and are introduced to the tools they need to make lasting changes to their habits and become more accountable to their commitments.

90-Day XP Coaching

Coaching is what makes Extreme Productivity stick, transfer to the job, and last long-term. We can coach your teams directly or train your sales managers and leaders to run our proprietary XP coaching process.

Tracking and Measurement

Results are measured through a pre- and post-XP Assessment, and through specific business measures developed in partnership with our clients (e.g., pipeline growth, sales win rates, account growth, overall sales growth, etc.)

3 Great Ways to Learn More

9 Habits of Extreme Sales Productivity

Webinar: 9 Habits of Extreme Sales Productivity

In this webinar, Mike Schultz will share 9 habits of extremely productive people and how you can apply these habits to achieve the greatest sales success starting now.


Extreme Productivity Challenge Overview

Extreme Productivity Challenge Overview

Download the 2-page program overview to learn more about how XPC will transform your team into more productive, successful sellers.


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