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If you’re like most sellers, you find yourself negotiating deals with a buyer’s procurement team at least some of the time. Certainly, the frequency with which you’re dealing with procurement and purchasing professionals will vary based on industry and product category, but being skilled working with procurement is often the key to moving your deal across the finish line in a timely way.

You might wonder whether there’s any need to negotiate differently when purchasing plays a role. The answer is yes—and no.

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As a classic advertising slogan once reminded customers, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s true now more than ever.

When we could interact face-to-face at events or in meetings, it was easier to attract the attention of a potential buyer and begin making connections naturally. But as a virtual seller, you don’t have the luxury of allowing relationships to unfold organically.

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A lot goes into successful prospecting: targeting, offers, outreach, personalization, research, follow up, and more.

At the RAIN Group, we’ve found the most effective way to prospect is using the WAVE method:

  • Having a Winner’s mindset
  • Deploying a strong Attraction Campaign
  • Offering great Value
  • Execution
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Emotions are powerful motivators of buying.

Consider that, in 2019, total U.S. spending in the weight loss category was $72.7 billion according to marketresearch.com. That's a lot of money spent on products and services that help people eat well and exercise more.

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How sales happen has changed significantly in just the last several months, and these changes are here to stay.

Selling virtually has proven to be a challenge for even the most seasoned sellers. It requires sellers to be more strategic, more deliberate, and more proactive than ever before. It requires a refocused approach because the rules have changed.

Our client work around the world, and our research in the area of virtual selling, has revealed a set of four keys that are most critical for virtual sales success:

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Imagine this: You're in a live sales meeting in a conference room with three decision-makers, and one of them, while you're talking, pulls out their phone and starts responding to text and email messages. They continue to check the news and start fiddling on social media. You even hear a light snicker.

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There are many mistakes to avoid when it comes to virtual selling.

Although we all make—and learn from—our mistakes, they're often magnified in a virtual environment, which makes awareness and preparation paramount to success.

Avoid these 17 common mistakes to impress your buyers and stand out from the competition:

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In most organizations, it’s easy to make the case that millions, hundreds of millions, or even billions of dollars in financial gain can be had through sales improvement. You can affect growth. You can affect competitiveness. You can affect stock price. These are common items on leadership top priority lists.

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