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Extreme Productivity

Discover what The Extremely Productive do to drive productivity, top performance, job satisfaction, and happiness.

In the past several years we’ve been obsessed not just with how sellers should sell but with helping them execute. We’ve been working with our clients around the globe to implement a variety of strategies to drive motivation and execution, and help teams perform at the highest levels through The Productivity Code.

For our Extreme Productivity research, we studied 2,377 business professionals to find out which work habits and hacks, when applied in what combination drive not only productivity, but top performance versus peers, job satisfaction, and happiness. Through this global study of sellers and non-sellers alike, we have both validated and honed the Productivity Code Model and Productivity Assessment tool.

And we learned some surprising differences between how The Extremely Productive work compared to The Rest.

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Learn What The XP Do Differently

The Extremely Productive employ a set of work habits and behaviors that enhance their productivity and results. With our Extreme Productivity research, you’ll learn exactly how they do it.


Maximize Motivation and Results

To achieve top performance, you need your team bringing their A-game day in and day out. Through our Extreme Productivity research, we share the habits necessary to maximize motivation and achieve peak performance.


Assess Your Organization

We benchmark teams against our proprietary database of The Extremely Productive, where we learn individuals’ and teams’ Productivity Quotients, identifying habits individuals needs to change to maximize productivity.

Productivity, Happiness, Job Satisfaction, and Performance Go Together

We found surprisingly strong relationships between productivity and job performance, job satisfaction, happiness, and how people spend their TIME. The Extremely Productive (The XP) are significantly more likely to be:


The Extremely Productive are also much more likely to spend their TIME on Treasured Activities (time they hold dear) and Investment Activities (time that generates outsized returns).


Can you imagine being a top performer, while also being happy and spending the time you want doing the things you love? This makes a strong case for becoming one of The Extremely Productive.

The Productivity Code

Through our research, we've boiled down what extremely productive sellers do into 3 keys, known as the Productivity Code.

1. Manufacture Motivation

Motivation is a skill, not an attribute. You can learn habits to build your motivation and get more done.

2.Control Your TIME

Productivity isn't just about getting things done. It's about taking control over what you do and what you avoid, and not getting derailed by distractions or unnecessary tasks.

3. Execute in the Zone

If you're in the zone, you're fully focused on your activities and get more done. Learn to unlock this state and maximize your effort spent per hour.

The Productivity Code

Productivity—A Huge Opportunity for Improvement


of The XP agree they are very happy compared to only 66% of The Rest.


of The XP hold themselves accountable for doing what they say they will compared to only 34% of The Rest.


Only 14% of respondents are Extremely Productive, leaving a huge opportunity for most people.

According to our research, there’s a lot of room for improvement in productivity. With only 14% of people rating themselves as Extremely Productive, there’s a huge opportunity for 86% of people.

Those who do reach the level of The XP are significantly more likely to be happy, satisfied with their jobs, and top performers.

The #1 thing the XP do? They hold themselves accountable for what they say they will do. Accountability came up repeatedly in our research. While there are many behaviors The XP exhibit that drive their productivity, you can get started simply by improving your accountability to yourself and to your team.

3 Great Ways to Learn More

The Extreme Productivity Benchmark Report

The Extreme Productivity Benchmark Report

We set out to uncover what the most productive people do to manage themselves, their time, and their priorities—and how others can learn to do the same.


The Productivity Code Challenge

Bring The Productivity Code Challenge to Your Company

In The Productivity Code Challenge, your sellers will learn how to maximize motivation, take control of their TIME, and achieve peak performance.


Productivity Code Model

Productivity Training Programs

Help your sellers achieve peak performance by maximizing motivation and driving accountability.


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