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Sales Training Programs to Improve Selling Skills

Award-winning sales training programs to cover every stage of the sales process.

From prospecting and opportunity management to consultative selling, virtual selling, negotiation, account development, and sales management, our suite of sales training programs has your sales team covered. We’ve trained hundreds of thousands of sellers, sales managers, leaders, and professionals around the globe to help them improve sales skills and increase sales significantly.

We have a complete learning system, delivered in-person and virtually, with robust reinforcement and execution assurance, so learning happens over time and behaviors change.

The Most Effective Sales Training

While 85-90% of sales training fails, yours doesn’t have to. Our sales training programs deliver 94% learning engagement and our learning system boosts knowledge retention by 170%, so skills are learned, applied, and transferred on-the-job.

Effective Sales Training
World-Class Sales Method

World-Class Sales Method

Our sales method is top-rated and RAIN Group was named by Selling Power and Training Industry as a Top 20 Sales Training Company. All programs are research-based with insights from the Center for Sales Research, and field-tested, proven to work for hundreds of thousands of sellers.

Complete Learning System

Training is not our focus. Behavior change is. We have a complete learning system that includes pre-work, program customization, robust reinforcement, and execution assurance to ensure that learning happens over time to drive behavior change and top performance. Learn more.

Complete Learning System

Sales Training Programs


Virtual Selling Imperatives

From mastering the medium to connecting and collaborating with buyers virtually, your team will learn the strategies, techniques, and tools to succeed selling virtually. Learn more.

Insight Selling by RAIN Group

Insight Selling: Advanced Consultative Selling

Our advanced consultative selling program focuses on driving demand and winning opportunities by helping buyers change their thinking. Learn more.


RAIN Selling: Foundations of Consultative Selling

Our core consultative selling program teaches sellers how to lead masterful sales conversations from the first touch to the close. Learn more.


Strategic Account Management

An action-learning workshop, your team will learn how to expand, penetrate, and protect your most important and high-potential accounts. Learn more.

Winning Major Sales

Winning Major Sales

Learn strategies and actions for maximizing sales wins and ensure a consistent sales process across your team. Learn more.

RAIN Sales Prospecting

RAIN Sales Prospecting

Learn how to generate leads and keep the pipeline full of qualified opportunities. Learn more.

RAIN Sales Negotiation

RAIN Sales Negotiation

Learn how to overcome even the toughest objections and collaborate with buyers to create the best possible agreements and win. Learn more.

RAIN Sales Management

RAIN Sales Management

Help managers manage, coach, and develop their teams to drive top sales performance. Learn more.

How to Sell Professional Services

How to Sell Professional Services

Your team will learn how to excel in business development in this consultative selling program designed specifically for professional services. Learn more.

Extreme Productivity Challenge

9 Habits Extreme Productivity

Transform your team’s results by helping them maximize motivation, control their TIME, and execute in the zone. Learn more.

RAIN Sales Coaching

RAIN Sales Coaching

Managers and leaders learn to become the best coaches and drive seller motivation, action, development, and wins. Learn more.


Key Account Management

Learn how to grow your existing accounts with a proven process and account growth planning tool. Learn more.

Choose a Transformational Experience

Sales training is an ongoing process to improve sales skills, knowledge, and results. You need an education system that drives real behavior change and unleashes sales potential.

Craft the best sales training

Much of your sales training success is determined before you begin. Set the table for success and ensure that you're teaching the right people the right things with the right tools to achieve the best results.

Deliver the best sales training

You need effective training built for adult learners. Programs, tools, and reinforcement are customized making training relevant and engaging for the greatest impact. All programs can be delivered in-person or virtually.

Enable sales success
Execution assurance through sales management and coaching is the key to unlocking behavior change and transformational results. We make sure training sticks, behaviors change, and learning gets applied on-the-job.

RAIN Group Testimonial - Bright Horizons

Yvonne Lynch, Vice President at Bright Horizons, shares how RAIN Group’s sales training helped Bright Horizons overcome pricing pressure from competitors, sell on value, and elevate its sales conversations with clients to achieve outstanding results.


Experience Success Like Our Clients

Chatham Financial achieves 200% of sales targets with RAIN Group sales training.

Chatham Financial realized the need to embrace business development training to get to the next stage of growth. They engaged with RAIN Group to help build business development skills and drive revenue growth.

The training initiative included assessment, RAIN Selling training, Train the Trainer, Coaching, eLearning, and a year-long advanced sales curriculum for high-potential sellers.

Chatham has seen significant impact on their sales results including:

  • On track to achieve 200% of sales targets
  • Average deal size has increased over 180%
  • Shortened the sales cycle from 150 to 81 days

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Chatham Financial

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