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Invest in your sellers, and they'll invest in you. Sales training in relevant, applicable skills helps build a team of top talent.

At RAIN Group, we partner with organizations like yours to deliver world-class sales training courses. Discover sales training programs designed to be customizable, goal-oriented, and built for adult learners.

Our programs aren't one-off events—they're ongoing initiatives to drive sales excellence on your team.

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Selling Power Top Sales Training Companies 2024
Top Sales Training Company 2024
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Best Sales Training Programs to Drive Business Results

With over 85 portable, modular blocks, we work with you to quickly design custom curricula with the sales skill content your team needs to master at every stage of the sales cycle.

Foundations of Consultative Selling

  • Lead consultative sales conversations
  • Uncover the full set of buyer needs
  • Craft compelling solutions
  • Make impact cases that win sales

Foundations of Consultative Selling
Advanced Consultative Selling

Advanced Consultative Selling

  • Inspire with insights
  • Drive buyer demand
  • Win opportunities by changing buyer thinking
  • Differentiate themselves and your organization with value

Virtual Selling

  • Influence buyers in a virtual sales environment
  • Understand the nuances in virtual sales conversations
  • Collaborate and engage buyers virtually
  • Master virtual sales technology

Virtual Selling
Strategic/Key Account Management

Strategic/Key Account Management

  • Expand your most important and high-potential accounts
  • Sell the full extent of your offerings
  • Protect key accounts against competitors
  • Adopt a key account management process

Winning Major Sales

  • Plan to win from the start
  • Build a consistent sales process across your team
  • Adopt a customer-focused sales-planning philosophy
  • Sell to a variety of decision makers and roles

Winning Major Sales
RAIN Sales Prospecting

RAIN Sales Prospecting

  • Keep their pipelines full of quality opportunities
  • Use pipeline metrics for better prospecting
  • Build an attraction campaign to generate leads
  • Leverage prospecting best practices in email, video, phone, and social media

RAIN Sales Negotiation

  • Lead with value in sales negotiations
  • Keep margins, profitability, and satisfaction high
  • Respond to buyer negotiation tactics
  • Create strong agreements with buyers

RAIN Sales Negotiation
RAIN Sales Management

RAIN Sales Management

  • Lead masterful conversations with their teams
  • Fulfill 10 essential management roles
  • Master sales territory planning
  • Interview and hire top sales talent

9 Habits of Extreme Productivity

  • Sustain long-term motivation
  • Prioritize critical tasks
  • Build strong productivity habits
  • Stay efficient and execute at a high level

9 Habits of Extreme Productivity
RAIN Sales Coaching

RAIN Sales Coaching

  • Maximize seller motivation and performance
  • Create plans for sales coaching
  • Lead engaging and productive coaching conversations
  • Assess and develop seller skills

Coaching for Action and Accountability

  • Learn a proven process for driving seller performance
  • Coach sales teams to implement new skills
  • Motivate sellers to take daily action
  • Build action plans to help sellers execute at the highest level

Coaching for Action and Accountability
Selling to Senior Executives

Selling to Senior Executives

  • Adjust your team's approach to high-level sales
  • Align with the objectives and priorities of senior executives
  • Gain access to the C-suite
  • Prepare for and lead successful meetings with senior executives

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Onsite Instructor-Led Training

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