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Sales Training Programs to Build Skills and Teams

Award-winning sales training programs to drive performance and results.

Your sellers are the frontline of your organization, the key to your growth goals. It’s up to you to equip them with the tools, coaching, and resources they need to excel in their roles—including access to sales training programs that support competency development and behavior change.

At RAIN Group, we partner with organizations like yours to deliver world-class sales training. We align sales training programs to your key business metrics to ensure you hit your goals and see measurable improvement. Watch the video to the right to learn more about how RAIN Group has revolutionized sales training program delivery.

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Sales Training Programs

With over 70 portable, modular blocks, we work with you to quickly design custom curricula with the sales skill content your team needs to master at every stage of the sales cycle.

Foundations of Consultative Selling

This program introduces the strategies and tactics that enable your team to lead consultative sales conversations. Your team will learn how to uncover the full set of buyer needs, craft compelling solutions, and make a strong impact case to win.


Advanced Consultative Selling

In this program, your team will learn to inspire with insights, drive demand, and win opportunities by helping buyers change their thinking. Sellers develop the skills to differentiate themselves and your company based on value while assuming a trusted-advisor role.

Virtual Selling

Learn to influence buyers in a virtual sales environment. From mastering technology and understanding the nuances in virtual sales conversations to connecting and collaborating with buyers, your team will learn how to succeed when selling virtually.


Strategic/Key Account Management

An action-learning workshop, your team will learn how to expand, penetrate, and protect your most important and high-potential accounts. As one of the biggest untapped opportunities for revenue growth, this program will give your team a proven process for strategic account planning to leverage for action.

Winning Major Sales

If sellers want to win, they must plan to win from the start. Learn strategies and actions to maximize sales wins and adopt a consistent sales process across your team. This program teaches a customer-focused sales-planning philosophy and covers how to sell to variety of decision makers and roles.


RAIN Sales Prospecting

In this program, sellers learn how to generate leads and keep the pipeline full of quality opportunities. Throughout the program, your team will build an attraction campaign designed to leverage prospecting best practices in email, video, phone, and social media.

RAIN Sales Negotiation

Buyers are savvier than ever, so it’s crucial sellers have the skills to lead with value in their negotiations. In this program, sellers learn how to create strong agreements that keep margin, profitability, and satisfaction high.


RAIN Sales Management

There's more to sales management than leading meetings. The best sales managers deliver a regular rhythm of coaching, lead masterful conversations with their teams, and fulfill 10 essential roles. Train your sales managers on skills and behaviors that correlate with top performance.

9 Habits of Extreme Productivity

Strong results start with strong time management, efficiency, and motivation. Teach your sellers and sales managers how to get more done in the time they have by prioritizing what matters, adopting productive habits, and executing at a high level.


RAIN Sales Coaching

Create a productive and sustainable coaching system at your organization. Training gives your managers and leaders the skills and tools they need to become top-performing sales coaches who drive seller motivation, action, development, and wins.

Coaching for Action and Accountability

This is an essential component of our education system, where sales leaders and managers learn a proven process to help teams implement new skills, build action plans, and execute at the highest level.


Training Modalities

We’ve taken our suite of sales training programs and broken them down into a rich and deep library of distinct, portable, modular blocks of learning that cover specific skills sellers, account managers, and sales managers need to master.

Each module is designed to maximize learning outcomes and engage the modern learner. Learn more about our approach to sales transformation. Training can be delivered in multiple modalities including:

Onsite Instructor-Led Training

Onsite Instructor-Led Training

See your sales team thrive together—in person. In on-site sessions, your sellers are led through a series of large- and small-group activities and discussions, building their skills and driving immediate adoption. Pre-work and post-event coaching ensure that time together is optimized, learning sticks, and behaviors change.

Virtual Sales Training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Train a geographically dispersed team through a process designed for adult learners and optimized for virtual consumption. Our approach to virtual training includes a combination of spaced repetition, micro learning, multimedia, coaching, and practical assignments to improve learning and retention.

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Certify your trainers to implement our world-class sales methodology, offering you greater flexibility and control over your sales training. Through our process, your trainers receive access to RAIN Group’s facilitator library, and they get the resources, coaching, support, and certification they need to lead your training initiatives.

RAIN Group Total Access

Total Access®

Embed a world-class sales method with access to our full suite of award-winning sales training programs, plus online learning, performance support tools, learning journeys, and resources for your entire team. Total Access is flexible for your needs and helps you get the results you want out of your training initiatives.

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RAIN Group has partnered with Allego to offer clients an AI-driven sales enablement platform that accelerates performance, ensuring sellers have the skills, knowledge, and content they need to drive results. Learn more. east

Experience Success Like Our Clients

Toyota Fleet Management increases referrals, quotes, contracts, and amount financed.

Over three years, RAIN Group delivered customized sales training programs covering insight selling, sales prospecting, productivity, and more to support Toyota Fleet Management’s (TFM) dealers.

Through this program, TFM increased:

  • Online finance quotes completed by dealers 1091%
  • Amount financed 103%
  • Corporate referrals 40%

The results were so striking, RAIN Group won gold in the Sales Training Program of the Year category in the annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.

Click here to read the full case study. east


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Discover how RAIN Group’s modular, multi-modal approach to sales training drives lasting behavior change and results.

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