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10 Rules for Shortening Your Sales Cycle

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Written by John Doerr
Co-Founder, RAIN Group

I spend a good percentage of my time selling. I also spend a lot of time coaching and training sales teams. One question that comes up time after time is, "How do I shorten the sales cycle?"

My quick response is usually, "Have more in each stage of your pipeline at all times, so the sales cycle just seems shorter."

Of course, that rarely makes anyone feel better. So based on our experience, here are 10 rules that will help make your sales process move more quickly:

By now, you may be wondering if this effort is going to be worth it. Where's the shorter path in this sales cycle? I can assure you the effort is well worth it, but take heed: there really are no shortcuts. Sales success takes a consistent and value-based approach that works over time.

And maybe, just maybe, the quick response was the right (and short) one.

Last Updated February 9, 2024

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