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Sales Training Reinforcement

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77% of learning is forgotten within 6 days if not reinforced.

For training to have true impact, it needs to be learned, practiced, and reinforced over time. We’ve developed a complete education system with robust training reinforcement designed to help sellers retain new skills and apply them on-the-job.

Sales training reinforcement is the key that can lead to long-term sales improvements and revenue growth at your organization.

Change Seller Behavior

Change Seller

Behavior is not changed after a one- or two-day event. Too often, training is forgotten and sellers go back to their old ways of doing things. Real behavior change happens over time and our reinforcement ensures that skills stick and get applied.

Get the Most Out of Training Investments

Get the Most Out of Training Investments

Make your sales training dollars go further. With reinforcement, you’ll get the most out of your sales training investments, extending the impact of learning and maximizing knowledge retention and results.

Boost Knowledge Retention

Boost Knowledge Retention

RAIN Group’s approach to sales training reinforcement delivers 94% engagement and increases knowledge retention by 170%. Sellers are exposed to new skills multiple times in short intervals, which is proven to build skills that last.

Our Approach to Sales Training Reinforcement

We offer robust sales training reinforcement customized for your organization that includes a mix of the following:

How We're Different

Spaced Repetition

Spaced Repetition

While 77% of learning is forgotten in 6 days if not reinforced, you can boost knowledge retention through spaced repetition and interval reinforcement. Our reinforcement methodology is research-based and field-tested.

Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning

Adults learn by doing. RAIN Group training and reinforcement applies action-learning in which participants don’t just learn skills—they apply them and learn from real-world situations, plus receive instant feedback so they can improve each time.

Feedback and Guidance

Feedback and Guidance

Our reinforcement provides direct feedback and guidance to participants so they know what they’re doing well and where they need to focus to improve. Only with practice and regular feedback will performance improve.

"We've worked with RAIN Group over the past five years now to develop our business development training curriculum and culture. The training and coaching has strengthened our business development process, prepared us to write better proposals, and raised our close rates."

- Jerry Gagne, Practice Leader, Wolf & Company

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