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Sales Training Reinforcement

77% of learning is forgotten within 6 days if not reinforced.

You need ongoing support for your sellers and continuous improvement—that's why reinforcement is a part of the Craft, Deliver, Enable process.

For training to have true impact, it needs to be learned, practiced, and reinforced over time. We’ve developed a complete education system with robust training reinforcement designed to help sellers retain new skills and apply them on-the-job.

Sales training reinforcement is key to long-term sales improvement and revenue growth at your organization.


Build a Team of Top Performers

An effective coach can be the most significant factor in a seller’s success. We can coach your teams directly or train your sales managers to run our proprietary coaching process, proven to help sellers achieve top performance.

Develop Sales Skills

One of the most effective ways to make sure training sticks and seller behavior changes is through sales coaching. Our coaching process helps to develop the skills of your sales team, reinforce concepts learned in training, and hold sellers accountable to their sales goals and action plan.

Boost Motivation and Stay On Track

Our coaching process introduces a regular rhythm, where coaches meet with the team to create goal and action plans, build winning strategies, hone skills, and stay on task and on target. With a coach by their side, sellers won’t just meet their goals, they’ll consistently beat them.

Change Seller Behavior
Get More From Your Training
Boost Knowledge Retention
Change Seller Behavior
change_seller_behavior_tabIt’s one thing to know what to do, it’s another to do it. Our reinforcement and coaching process provides the execution assurance you need so sellers change behaviors and perform at the top of their game day in and day out.
Get the Most Out of Training Investments

get_more_from_training_tabMake your sales training dollars go further. With reinforcement, you’ll get the most out of your sales training investments, extending the impact of learning so training sticks and gets applied.

Boost Knowledge Retention

boost_knowledge_retention_tabRAIN Group’s approach to sales training reinforcement delivers 94% engagement and increases knowledge retention by 170%. Sellers are exposed to new skills multiple times in short intervals, which is proven to build skills that last.

Sales Training Reinforcement to Enable Seller Success

You need robust sales training reinforcement customized for your organization. While each initiative is unique, our reinforcement includes the following:


Sales Coaching

Coaching is a key component of our reinforcement. We can coach your coaches or coach sellers directly. Coaches meet regularly with your team to help them develop goal and action plans, hone skills, and stay on task and on target.

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Ongoing Training Sessions

Ongoing training allows us to dig deep into specific areas introduced in training programs. In these sessions, we practice real situations, teach advanced strategies, and reinforce previous learning. 

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Online Sales Training

We have a complete library of online learning lessons that cover a variety of topics critical for sales success. Lessons, environments, and curriculum can be customized for your company or integrated into your LMS.

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RAIN Mail offers gamification via sales scenarios sellers must respond to via mobile and email. This not only drives knowledge retention, it guides seller behavior, increases learning engagement, promotes friendly competition, and assists with analysis and coaching. 


Virtual Instructor-Led Training

We provide an interactive experience through VILT sessions that allows your team to ask questions, receive guidance on real-life situations, and learn advanced skills. Sessions are built around specific topics to fill in the skill gaps of your team.

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The Productivity Code Challenge

Ensure training sticks with this unique, transformational, 90-day experience. Proven to drive accountability, change behavior and habits, and unleash sales potential, this challenge is what you need to make training last long-term.

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Experience Success Like Our Clients

Lee Hecht Harrison sees 43% YOY increase in new business wins globally.

When Lee Hecht Harrison was looking for ways to differentiate from its competition, it brought in RAIN Group to develop custom messaging tools and deliver Insight Selling workshops to its global sales force.

The Insight Selling program, including the customization, tools, action learning, and comprehensive learning system, played a crucial role in improving LHH sellers' knowledge, sales skills, and results. Key metrics achieved by LHH include:

  • 43% YOY increase in new business wins globally
  • 37% YOY increase in new business opportunities globally
  • 25% increase in value of new business globally

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