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Improve manufacturing and industrial sales.

Manufacturing and industrial sales present a unique set of challenges. The sales environment is more and more competitive while products are becoming commoditized. You’re often selling to a middleman who is concerned with price, speed, and availability above quality. Buyers are constantly pushing for lower prices and competition is stiff.

Your salespeople can no longer sit back and take orders. They need to be proactive in finding buyers, selling higher, and winning sales. At RAIN Group, we help manufacturing and industrial product companies boost their sales results.

Boost Sales Skills

Boost Sales

From prospecting and consultative selling to negotiating and closing, your sellers need the right skills to succeed in sales. We offer a full suite of sales training programs to give your team the skills they need to consistently find and win new business.  

Build a Team of Top Performers

Build a Team of Top Performers

To succeed in industrial sales, you need your team to bring their A-game day in and day out. We’ll help you build a team of top performers and a culture of sales success so you don’t just meet your sales goals—you consistently beat them.

Grow Your Key Accounts

Grow Your Key

A huge untapped opportunity in many manufacturing and industrial companies is growing existing accounts. We’ll teach your sellers how to successfully cross-sell and upsell the full set of your company’s capabilities and grow your accounts.

Manufacturing & Industrial
Sales Training and Services

We offer sales training programs, consulting, and coaching to help improve manufacturing and industrial product sales.

Sales Assessments

We'll help you identify who on your team not only can sell, but who will sell and to what success level. Our assessment directly measures sales skills and attributes, and examines the factors that affect sales success.

Sales Performance Improvement Consulting

Where should you focus to make significant improvements in sales performance? Where do your growth opportunities lie? We’ll help you uncover your greatest opportunities for sales growth and put a plan in place to realize those opportunities.

Strategic Account Management

When it comes to manufacturing and industrial product sales, there’s often huge untapped opportunity to grow existing accounts through cross-selling and upselling. We can help you systematically uncover these opportunities and grow your accounts.

How We're Different

Industrial Sales Expertise

Industrial Sales Expertise

We’ve worked with both global and regional companies to help them improve sales performance. We speak your language and teach sellers how to achieve the greatest success in sales by bringing their valuable advice to buyers.



Our training programs and methodologies are based on decades of experience, along with benchmark research including What Sales Winners Do Differently, Top Performance in Strategic Account Management, and The Top-Performing Sales Organization.

Complete Learning System

Complete Learning System

Training is not our focus. Behavior change is. We have a complete learning system focused on real behavior change and results that includes assessment, program customization, and robust reinforcement to ensure that skills are learned and applied. Learn more.

"We've made a lot of progress. The strategic account plans, review process, integration, and hit rates have all come a long way. We’ve had record capture of business in the second half of our fiscal year. This training was exactly what we needed. We now have solid One MGS plans thanks to RAIN Group."

- Greg Adams, Chief Executive Officer, MGS Manufacturing Group

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The Future of Consultative Selling

The Future of Consultative Selling

Selling has changed more in the last 10 years than in the previous 40. Learn how to succeed with consultative selling in the new sales environment.


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Manufacturing Company Increases Sales by 75% and Grows Strategic Accounts by 34%

Discover how RAIN Group sales training helped MGS increase their overall sales revenue by 75%.


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