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Succeed with the complex sale.

The complex sale presents a unique set of challenges. It can be a long sales process that requires buyer education, high-dollar investments, multiple decision makers, team selling, and stiff competition. And often, your products and services themselves are complex and sophisticated.

To win, you must connect, influence, persuade, collaborate, and sell the impact of your solution. Opportunity lies not in reacting to buyer-driven needs and demand, but driving demand through your sales and delivery teams.

We specialize in working with companies who face a complex sale.


We help companies in the following industries:

"RAIN Group took the time to understand us. They didn’t just provide cookie-cutter training programs, but instead learned our culture, our goals, and our people to provide advice and training that really made a difference. The financial results, of course, speak for themselves."

- Dave MacDonald, Partner, Woodard & Curran

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