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RAIN Sales Negotiation

Develop sales negotiation skills that keep margins, profitability, and customer satisfaction high.

Buyers are savvier than ever, and always on the lookout for the best value. When it comes time to gain commitment, buyers will often seek to negotiate to get a better deal. Negotiation is crucial for them to achieve their goals and manage their resources, and it’s crucial for you to keep margins, profitability, and customer satisfaction high.

The RAIN Sales Negotiation training program teaches your team the skills needed to reach the best win-win solutions for your company and your customers.


Develop the Best Solutions

RAIN Sales Negotiation features the 6 Essential Rules of Sales Negotiation and will teach your sellers how to lead a masterful negotiation process that results in win-win solutions when possible.

Develop the Best Solutions
Improve Sales Pricing and Profitability

Improve Sales Pricing and Profitability

Tired of getting beaten up by savvy buyers and tough purchasing departments? Our negotiation program teaches strategies for dealing with the 16 common buyer tactics that drive down margins.

Enhance the Strength of Your Relationships

Sales negotiations, when done right, can strengthen your relationships instead of weaken them. In complex sales you have to work with the client after you sell to them and position yourself well for future engagements.

Enhance the Strength of Your Relationships

Learning Objectives

In our core two-day instructor-led RAIN Sales Negotiation workshop, suite of online programs, and other components of the RAIN Group educational system, we develop negotiation skills and teach your team how to:

  • Sell the value of your solutions and reduce price pushback
  • Lead masterful sales negotiations that lead to win-win solutions for you and your customers
  • Respond to objections in a way that moves the buyer closer to the close
  • Win against lower-priced competitors
  • Anticipate and address buyer objections before they come up
  • Avoid critical mistakes in the negotiation process that kill credibility and the sale
  • Deal with customers who are just trying to get concessions

Our Approach to Sales Negotiation Training

We take a blended approach to learning that leads to real behavior change and results. Our programs include a mix of delivery options and components, including:

On-site sales training

Onsite Workshops

Bring RAIN Sales Negotiation training on site with live workshops for sellers and sales managers. Training is customized based on your industry, company, and solutions.

Online sales training

Online Learning

Reinforce skills. Train a geographically-dispersed sales force. Improve new hire ramp-up. Our RAIN Sales Negotiation online learning program covers topics critical for negotiation success. 

Sales reinforcement


Our learning system ensures that training is reinforced over time. From job aids and tools to online learning, email reinforcement, and coaching, we achieve a 94% uptake on learning so skills are learned and applied. 

Sales assessments


Where do your skill gaps lie? What are your negotiation tendencies? Our assessment tools allow us to develop a curriculum that best suits your needs.

Virtual, instructor-led sales training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Accessible wherever your sellers are, these vILT sessions address negotiation topics and strategies relevant to your team.

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Keep your sales training capabilities in-house. We’ll certify your delivery staff so you can deliver training on an ongoing basis.

Sales negotiation simulation

Negotiation Simulation

A computer-based simulation where sellers apply the strategies they’ve learned and compete to win a difficult sales negotiation.

Sales negotiation planner

RAIN Sales Negotiation Planner

A tool to guide sellers through a proven process for preparing for negotiations.

Total Access

Total Access

Embed a robust sales method with full access to RAIN Group's world-class content, training programs, and education system at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Execution Assurance Coaching

Execution Assurance Coaching

Accelerate your results with our 90-day execution assurance process—the key to ensuring sellers are held accountable, change happens, and training generates maximum ROI.

Value – The Key to Sales Negotiation Success


Top Performers are 9.3x more likely to receive extremely effective negotiation training than The Rest.


of Top Performers are very likely to generate repeat business from their buyers post-negotiation.


of Top Performers find presenting multiple offers simultaneously they value equally very effective, yet less than 1 in 5 sellers employ this tactic.

Based on results from our Top Performance in Sales Negotiation research, we know what the best sales negotiators—those who achieve pricing targets, are more confident in negotiations, and are very satisfied with the outcome of negotiations—do differently than those who are not as successful.

It’s clear there's significant opportunity for companies to improve their sales negotiation skills. The key is value: focusing the discussion on value over price and expanding the pie to create more value on both sides. In fact, the #2 greatest difference between Top Performers and The Rest is sharing new ideas and insights with buyers.

Our research also re-tested and confirmed the validity of the 6 Essential Rules of Sales Negotiation, a pillar of our RAIN Sales Negotiation program. Through the 6 Essential Rules, your team will learn how to negotiate the best solutions, win sales, and enhance the strength of their relationships along the way.

We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of sellers negotiate the best deals, shorten sales cycles, and improve close rates.

"RAIN Group has made our sales process more effective, given us a common language to use in sales conversations and boosted the confidence and success of our sellers. In fact, we’ve exceed our stretch sales goals!"

- Lucille C. Servidio, Senior Vice President, Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc

Experience Success Like Our Clients

cStor improves gross profit margin on sales won by 12.2%.

When cStor’s sales professionals were using an inconsistent sales approach, they brought in RAIN Group for a multi-year initiative to establish a common sales methodology.

RAIN Group assessed the team to pinpoint areas for improvement, delivered training workshops, provided coaching and reinforcement, and lent recruiting assistance. Results were impressive:

  • Number of deals closed year-over year improved by 15.2%
  • Gross profit margin on sales won improved by 12.2%
  • Reduced average days to close by 10.4%
  • Results were so impressive the program won a prestigious Stevie Award for Sales Training/Coaching Program of the Year

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