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RAIN Sales Prospecting

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Create conversations with ideas and insights.

Nothing has changed more in sales in the last decade than prospecting. It's more difficult than ever to get through and get meetings.

Based on groundbreaking work from RAIN Group Center for Sales Research, we've cracked the code on what works and what doesn't to break through to top executives, secure meetings, and win sales.

If you want to be a Top Performer in sales prospecting, this is the program for you.

Set Meetings with Senior Executives

Set Meetings with Senior Executives

RAIN Sales Prospecting will teach your team the strategies and tactics they need to break through to senior-level buyers, set meetings, and create new opportunities.

Develop a Repeatable Prospecting Approach

Develop a Repeatable Prospecting Approach

Your team will develop a value proposition for the meeting that intrigues buyers with ideas and insights. You'll implement a prospecting sequence to consistently generate meetings.

Succeed with Selling on Social Media

Succeed with Selling on Social Media

Prospecting has changed considerably in recent years. Your team will learn best practices for traditional outreach methods as phone and email, as well as how to succeed with social media.

Learning Objectives

In our core two-day instructor-led RAIN Sales Prospecting workshop, suite of online programs, and other components of the RAIN Group educational system, we develop prospecting skills and teach your team how to:

  • Develop a compelling value proposition to get decision makers to meet with you
  • Deliver the value proposition over the phone, email, social media, and other methods to secure appointments
  • Work with gatekeepers to drive prospecting success
  • Leverage the power of LinkedIn to develop relationships
  • Establish credibility, trust, and rapport early in the sales process
  • Implement a proven, multi-touch prospecting sequence
  • Maximize seller motivation, energy, and focus for consistent prospecting productivity

"Working with RAIN Group was an immediate game-changer for Netgain. They provided us with direction to quickly ramp up the front end of our pipeline. We now have great confidence that we will exceed our revenue goals and achieve the growth we are seeking."

- Scott Warzecha, President, Netgain Technologies

Buyers Want to Talk to You


of buyers accept meetings with sellers who proactively reach out to them.


of buyers want to talk to sellers early in the sales process when they’re looking for new ideas to drive stronger results.


of sales meetings are not valuable to buyers.

Buyers want to talk to you and they want to talk early in the sales process. But most sellers are not delivering value in their meetings.

In our Top Performance in Sales Prospecting research, we found that when buyers do see you as valuable, you get more initial meetings and convert more of those meetings into actual sales wins.

In the RAIN Sales Prospecting program, your team will learn the ins and outs of prospecting and learn a proven process for generating leads and filling the pipeline with qualified opportunities.

How We're Different

Multi-Touch Approach

Multi-Touch Approach

While typical prospecting is telephone based, we teach your team to use the phone, email, social media, and other tactics as a part of the prospecting process. We teach a thoughtful, Attraction Campaign approach to gain access to a targeted list of decision makers.

Intrigue Buyers with Value

Intrigue Buyers with Value

In typical sales prospecting sellers pitch the results of their products and services, trying to secure demos and capability pitches with buyers. We take an educational approach to prospecting where sellers create conversations with ideas and insights, intriguing buyers with value in the meeting itself.

Focused on Effectiveness

Focused on Effectiveness

Typical sales prospecting is thought to be a numbers game, where sellers smile and dial getting the most calls in as possible. We focus on effective sales prospecting versus boiler plate. We customize communications, using trigger events to deliver the right message at the right time.

Our Approach to Sales Prospecting Training

We take a blended approach to learning that leads to real behavior change and results. Our programs include a mix of delivery options and components, including:

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5 Sales Prospecting Myths Debunked

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