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Sales Capability and Execution Assessment

Discover your organization's path to top performance.

Most leaders know there is huge untapped revenue growth potential in their sales organization. The question is:

What’s the best path for you to improve sales performance? 

RAIN Group’s Sales Capability and Execution Assessment is an assessment and advisory process that will:

  • Benchmark your company and team against our proprietary top-performer databases and your top performance targets
  • Identify areas of improvement that will have the greatest impact on your results through analysis and advisory
  • Create a specific plan for improving sales and sales management skills, execution, and results

Identify gaps in capability, mindset, and execution in your sellers and sales managers, and reveal the interventions that will truly move the needle on your path to top performance.


Analyze team performance, avoid common pitfalls, and chart a course for sales excellence.

Answers to Your Key Questions

  • What do top performers do? How do you compare specifically? 
  • What are your biggest areas of weakness holding you back? 
  • For each area you tackle, how do you get it right for you given your unique situation? 
  • How much energy, investment and time will your initiatives really take to execute? 
  • How should your sales organization evolve to keep up with the changing buyer environment? 
  • Where should you focus your efforts? Where shouldn’t you focus? 
  • How do you avoid common implementation mistakes?  
  • What are your greatest areas of opportunity? How can you capture them? 
Compare to top performers

What do top performers do? How do you compare specifically?

Changing Buyer Environment

How should your sales organization evolve to keep up with the changing buyer environment?

Areas of weakness

What are the biggest areas of weakness holding you back?

Where to focus?

Where should you focus your efforts? Where shouldn’t you focus?

Your business situation

For each area you tackle, how do you get it right given your unique situation?

Implementation mistakes

How do you avoid common implementation mistakes?

Energy, investment, and time

How much energy, investment, and time will your initiatives really take to execute?

Areas of opportunity

What are your greatest areas of opportunity? How can you capture them?

How each organization gets to top performance varies greatly and depends on the unique situation of your company.  

RAIN Group’s Sales Capability and Execution Assessment provides you with clear guidance and confidence on what to do to improve sales performance in your organization. 

What's Included?

  • Executive Summary: Key findings of our assessment, analysis, and recommendations for driving improvements, including effort, investment, risks, and targeted results. 
  • Capabilities Assessment Summary: Aggregate assessment of sellers and sales managers to build the right capabilities development initiatives and track improvement and success.
  • Key Insights Summary: Report across key areas of sales and sales management, including findings and recommendations in each area.
  • Business Impact Analysis: Assessment of the business results to target, including key lead and lag measures to track improvement.
  • Current State and Path to New Reality: Graphical depiction of where you are in key sales and sales management areas, where you need to be, and steps to get there.
  • Execution Plan: Including overview, purpose, critical success factors, activities, deliverables, estimated costs, risks, and results metrics.
  • Survey Analysis and Verbatim Responses: Answers to all questions compared to relevant Top Performer data and a summary of comments made by your team members throughout the assessment process.
Sales Assessment Preview Pages
Sales Assessment Preview Pages

Why RAIN Group Sales Capability and Execution Assessment

Top performance targets

How do you stack up to top performers and your top performance targets?

  • Benchmark your company against RAIN Group’s proprietary and unique top-performer databases and your organization’s performance targets
  • Leverage RAIN Group’s key IP such as the Top-Performing SellerSM, the Top-Performing Sales ManagerSM, and 9 Habits of Extreme ProductivitySM to drive key skill improvements
Opportunities for improvement

What are your biggest opportunities for improvement?

  • Focus on the performance improvement potential at your organization
  • Get deep insights into what may be holding back sales execution areas that are the highest leverage, impact-driving initiatives likely to drive sales and results achievement  
Where do you need to be?

How do you advance to where you need to be?

  • Get the specific capabilities and execution recommendations you need about your team  
  • Build a plan of action for executing key initiatives with your team and managers  
  • Avoid common mistakes executing training, coaching, and performance improvement initiatives 

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What is the assessment survey process like?

The Capabilities and Execution Assessment is divided into four stages:

  1. Engage: Project launch; the survey is created and distributed to participants.
  2. Data Analysis: RAIN Group analyzes data and verbatim responses, compares seller/sales manager responses, and reviews client sales documents and tools.
  3. Advisory Analysis: RAIN Group interviews client stakeholders and collaborates with the client to design and define possible interventions.
  4. Recommendations Delivery: Findings are delivered via a live review session.
How long does it take to get our results?

The average timeline to delivery is 6-7 weeks, but may take longer depending on client availability for key meetings and interviews, the speed at which survey responses are gathered, and data slice comparison needs.

How is your assessment different?

The Capabilities and Execution Assessment process uses data, insights, and advisory to produce recommendations that will drive change at your organization.

The assessment focuses primarily on identifying capability, mindset, and execution (productivity) baselines and gaps compared to both our database of nearly 20 years of Top Performer research and your organization’s top performance targets.

It isn’t a psychometric or behavioral analysis that determines if people can sell. Instead, managers assess sellers and sellers assess managers with the results reported in aggregate. This is much more accurate than self-reported responses, as people will often try to game responses to appear how they want to be perceived. With this approach, you receive an accurate picture of how your sellers and sales managers are performing.

What data slices can we choose from?

We can analyze data groups and segments by:

  • Geographies
  • Divisions, groups, and product and service areas
  • Sales roles
Are there reports for individual sellers or sales managers?

The Capabilities and Execution Assessment is 100% confidential, the purpose of which is to gather truthful and unfettered feedback from sales leaders, managers, and sellers. Responses are reported only in aggregate.

We’ve found that gathering confidential data is significantly more accurate than when sellers and managers know that their names are attached to responses, even if it is communicated that individual responses will not be reviewed.

Individually identifiable responses are frequently more related to personal posturing (how a seller or manager wants to be perceived) than an accurate depiction of what is happening or true. Confidential data is more honest and more actionable to drive interventions that will lead to performance and results. As such, we do not provide individual reports for individual people during the assessment process.

Can we customize the assessment questions?

We do not customize questions or the survey as this contaminates the data.