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Make breakthroughs in healthcare and pharmaceutical sales.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical sales is unlike any other industry. You’re selling to time-strapped, highly intelligent buyers in an increasingly virtual environment. In the midst of the pandemic, your customers are inundated with rapidly-changing safety protocols, patient backlogs, and more.

Your reps need to be able to gain access to decision makers, develop rapport quickly, and speak fluently about your products and therapies. Your reps must have an aptitude for science and stay on top of what’s going on in the medical field.

Training, developing, and onboarding sales reps takes a lot of time and organization and often does not produce the results you’d like.

Whether you need to unleash the sales potential of your pharma sales team, develop the skills of your sales managers, or onboard reps more quickly, RAIN Group can help.

Virtual Selling

Succeed with Virtual Selling

Virtual meetings with HCPs have increased 6X. We'll help your reps transition to virtual selling, from securing virtual meetings with HCPs to leading the most successful virtual sales conversations. 

Develop a Team of Top Performers

Lead with Ideas and Insights

Top pharma reps lead with ideas and insights. They understand the HCPs' world and provide more than product information. They educate HCPs to help them address their and their patients' challenges. 

Grow Existing Accounts

Grow Existing

A huge untapped opportunity in many healthcare and pharmaceutical companies is growing existing accounts. We’ll teach your reps how to successfully grow your most important accounts.

How We're Different

Healthcare & Pharma Expertise

Healthcare & Pharma Expertise

We’ve worked with both global and regional healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to help them improve sales performance. We speak your language and teach sellers how to achieve the greatest success in sales by bringing their valuable advice to HCPs.



Our training programs and methodologies are based on decades of experience working in the healthcare and pharma industries, along with benchmark research including What Sales Winners Do Differently, Top Performance in Strategic Account Management, and The Top-Performing Sales Organization.

Complete Learning System

Complete Learning

Training is not our focus. Behavior change is. We make sure training sticks, behaviors change, and results are realized. We tailor the program to your world, drive immediate application, and provide ongoing reinforcement, support, and coaching. Learn more.

“We partnered with RAIN Group to help enable our sales team around consultative selling. With a mix of virtual sessions, application assignments, and coaching sessions, it has allowed our sellers to take it from the sessions to adoption in their day-to-day activities. RAIN Group also improved coaching for our leaders. This training has had a huge impact for us. We’ve already witnessed great results and continue to receive positive feedback from our sellers.”

- Todd Fach, Director of Sales Learning & Development, Covetrus

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