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Insight Selling

Advanced consultative selling to inspire buyers with ideas, differentiate, and win sales.

The landscape of buying and selling has changed more in recent years than it has in preceding decades. Buyers are more sophisticated and awash with information. At the same time, executives are searching—often in vain—for new ways to innovate, compete, and improve their success.

Insight Selling, our advanced consultative selling program, teaches sellers how to create conversations based on ideas, inspire with insights, and set themselves and your company apart from the pack.

We take a modular approach to curriculum development and build programs for the types of sales situations your sellers face, whether it be primarily virtual selling (Advanced Virtual Consultative Selling) or face-to-face.


Inspire Buyers with Insights

Buyers are looking for sellers who bring new ideas and insights. If you want to win, you need to educate and inspire buyers.

Inspire Buyers with Insights
Drive Demand with New Ideas

Drive Demand with New Ideas

Insight Selling teaches sellers how to add value in their sales conversations, redefine buyer needs, and drive demand for your solutions.

Differentiate from the Competition

Sellers that bring new insights and ideas set themselves and their companies apart from the pack. Sellers are the key point of differentiation.


Learning Objectives

Insight Selling is tailored and contextualized for your business and the sales situations your sellers regularly face. Your team will learn how to:

  • Inspire buyers with ideas that matter to them
  • Increase relationship strength by maximizing seller-driven value
  • Use cognitive reframing and disruption questions to open buyers' minds to new ideas
  • Uses the 4 Value Proposition Questions to craft a rock-solid case to buy
  • Tell a Convincing Story that intrigues buyers, shapes their thinking, and drives the buying and selling process forward
  • Craft breakthrough solutions that create new possibilities
  • Build a concrete plan to drive your success with Insight Selling

Transform Your Sales Results with Insight Selling Training

We take a blended approach to learning that results in real behavior change. Our programs include a mix of delivery options and components, including:

Onsite Workshops

Onsite Workshops

Bring Insight Selling by RAIN Group on site with live workshops for sellers and sales managers. Training is customized for your industry, company, and solutions. 

Online Learning

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Accessible wherever your sellers are, this program is delivered via highly interactive and engaging vILT sessions.

Sales reinforcement


Our learning system ensures that training is reinforced over time. From job aids and tools to online learning, email reinforcement, and coaching, we achieve a 94% uptake on learning so skills are learned and applied.

Sales assessments


Who is best suited to become an insight seller? Where do the skill gaps lie? Our assessment tools allow us to determine your team’s skill gaps and develop a curriculum that best suits your needs.

Insight Development

Insight Development

What are the insights that are valuable to your buyers? Our Insight Selling approach helps you create insights and ideas that buyers truly value from key message development to complete development of convincing stories and insights.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Online Learning

Reinforce skills. Train a geographically-dispersed sales force. Improve new hire ramp-up. Our Insight Selling online learning program covers topics critical for insight selling success.

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Keep your sales training capabilities in-house. We’ll certify your delivery staff so you can deliver training on an ongoing basis.



We work with you to define and track the metrics that are most important to you (e.g., pipeline growth, sales growth, profitability, etc.).

RAIN Group Total Access

Total Access

Embed a robust sales method with full access to RAIN Group's world-class content, training programs, and education system at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Execution Assurance Coaching

Execution Assurance Coaching

Accelerate your results with our 90-day execution assurance process—the key to ensuring sellers are held accountable, change happens, and training generates maximum ROI.

Buyers Want Your Insight


We studied 731 B2B purchases to find out what the winners of these sales did differently than the second-place finishers.


Sales winners educate buyers with new ideas and perspectives 3X more often than second-place finishers.


of companies do not think their sellers have advanced consultative selling skills needed to find and win business consistently.

In our groundbreaking research, What Sales Winners Do Differently, we studied 731 B2B purchases and found that the #1 factor separating sellers who win from those who come in second-place is: “The seller educated me [the buyer] with new ideas or perspectives.”

Today’s buyers value sellers who bring them new ideas and insights. To drive sales results and find yourself in the winner’s circle consistently, your sellers need advanced consultative selling skills.

Yet most sellers don’t have them.

In our Top-Performing Sales Organization research, we found that 69% of Elite Performers—those with the highest win rates, revenue growth, and sales goal attainment rates—believe their sellers have advanced consultative selling skills, compared to only 32% of The Rest.

Insight Selling teaches sellers how to develop insights and inspire buyers to think differently, influence agendas, and help them make the best decisions. Through this process Insight Sellers don’t just sell the value…they become the value. 

"Insight Selling has transformed the way we sell and our results. We've rolled the program out globally and it's helped us not only meet, but exceed our sales goals."

- Jim Greenway, Executive Vice President Marketing & Sales Effectiveness, Lee Hecht Harrison

Experience Success Like Our Clients

BP3 Sellers See Success by Educating and Inspiring Buyers with Insights.

When BP3 needed to introduce a similar sales language and process to its varied team, it brought in RAIN Group to develop custom messaging tools and deliver Insight Selling workshops.

The Insight Selling program, including the customization, tools, and action learning, played a crucial role in BP3’s success.

Since the training, BP3 has achieved a 65% win rate in Q1 with a continuing 20% gain.

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