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How to Build Value in Sales Negotiations

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Written by Mike Schultz
President, RAIN Group

In our research report, The Value Driving Difference, we studied almost 500 organizations' practices regarding how focused they are on driving value for buyers. Companies that rose to the top as Value-Driving Sales Organizations had higher sales win rates, were more likely to grow revenue, had lower undesired sales staff turnover, and much more highly motivated sellers. They were also two times more likely to agree that they capture maximum prices in line with their value.

There's no question: If you want to succeed in sales, you should focus on driving value.

However, almost all sales organizations that do focus on value do so during core selling activities: discovering need, bringing ideas to the table, and crafting compelling solutions.

Little attention is paid to driving value during sales negotiation. This is a huge, untapped opportunity for sellers who want to win sales at favorable pricing and terms, and do so while satisfying buyers and increasing relationship strength.

Essential Rule of Sales Negotiation #2: Build Value

Brainstorm new possibilities for coming to an agreement.

Driving value during negotiation is also a major factor for not losing sales that you should have won. The more the buyer values moving forward and doing so with you, the more likely they are to do so.

There are two keys to unlocking value in a negotiation: 1) using structure and constraints and 2) collaboration.

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