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RAIN Group Center for Sales Research

Get the insights you need to make smart decisions and improve sales performance dramatically.

The RAIN Group Center for Sales Research (CSR) provides leaders with critical insights to support strategic decision making and sales performance improvement. We produce rigorous research reports and benchmark our clients across a variety of topics, with a special focus on learning the keys to top performance and understanding the psychology behind why buyers buy.

Since 2005, analysts at the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research have been researching selling and buying, and publishing dozens of benchmark reports, white papers, research briefs, articles, and best-selling books.

In this video, Mike Schultz, Director of the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research, shares how we use our proprietary research to not only help our clients achieve results, but also inform the content and structure of our award-winning training programs.

Discover What Top Performers Do

Discover What Top Performers Do

Top-Performing sales teams have significantly higher win rates, revenue growth, and sales goal attainment than The Rest. Our research looks at what Top Performers do differently to achieve this level of success and provides insights to help you determine what you need to do to join their ranks.

Understand How Buyers Buy

Understand How Buyers Buy

According to buyers, sales winners sell radically differently than second-place finishers. How sellers sell has a huge impact on buyers’ decision to buy, and choosing one provider over another. We study buyers, how they make decisions, and what tips the scales in the favor of one seller over another.

Benchmark Your Sales Organization

Benchmark Your Sales Organization

We regularly benchmark sales organizations against our proprietary database of Top Performers—companies with the highest win rates, sales goal achievement, strategic account growth, and revenue growth. You’ll learn how you stack up and exactly where your gaps lie.

Don’t Just Meet Your Sales Targets – Exceed Them


of Top-Performing Organizations meet their annual sales goals, compared to only 49% of The Rest.


Sales winners educate buyers with new ideas and perspectives 3X more often than second-place finishers.


The #1 priority cited by sales leaders in the year ahead is increasing business with existing accounts.

RAIN Group Center for Sales Research reports, including The Top-Performing Sales Organization, What Sales Winners Do Differently, and Top Performance in Strategic Account Management, help you discover what separates the best from the rest and how buying is changing.

Equipped with this knowledge, you too can join the ranks of the Top-Performing Sales Organizations—beating sales targets, growing accounts, and finding yourself in the winner’s circle more often.

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Benchmark Your Organization

Learn how you stack up compared to Top Performers and what you need to do to join their ranks.


What Sales Winners Do Differently

What Sales Winners Do Differently

The world of sales has changed. Download our free research report to learn what sets today’s sales winners apart from the rest.


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