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Sales Coaching for Action and Accountability

Maximize motivation and productivity in your sales teams.

Imagine your sales team is highly motivated, focused on the right activities, and executing at the highest level day in and day out. What would they achieve? What would your business be able to accomplish?

In Coaching for Action and Accountability, sales leaders and managers learn a proven process to help sales teams build effective action plans, become highly focused, and execute at the highest level.

Whether as a part of Execution Assurance to change seller behavior and improve specific sales skills, or to improve the productivity of your team, Coaching for Action and Accountability is essential to your success.

Improve Sales Skills

Leaders and managers learn to change the behaviors and habits of their sellers around a specific sales training initiative.

Change Behavior

Improve Sales Productivity

Sales coaches learn to drive their own motivation, productivity, and focus and then apply the same strategies with their teams.

Learning Objectives

In our Coaching for Action and Accountability program, your coaches will learn to:

  • Focus sellers’ time with the simplest, most effective time management system
  • Maximize seller motivation and energy
  • Help sellers ignore distractions, focus, and get in the extreme productivity zone
  • Implement an accountability system to maximize execution
  • Craft and implement My Coaching Plan and a structured coaching rhythm for helping sales teams achieve

Our Approach to Coaching for Action and Accountability

We take a blended approach to learning that results in real behavior change. Our programs include a mix of delivery options and components, including:

Coaching for Action and Accountability Training

Coaching for Action and Accountability Training

Based on the 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity, participants are introduced to the tools needed to make lasting changes in their habits and learn to coach their teams to do the same.

My Coaching Plan

My Coaching Plan

We help sales managers and coaches develop a complete plan to drive action and accountability with their teams.

Extreme Productivity Assessment

Extreme Productivity Assessment

A self- and multi-rater tool that measures 36 productivity behaviors and how they affect performance. 

Application Assignments

Application Assignments

Assignments between sessions focus on execution. Learners receive direct feedback allowing them to quickly adopt and improve skills. 

Application Coaching

Application Coaching

Small group coaching sessions occur between sessions and are focused on ensuring the application assignments have been completed at a high level.

Tracking and Measurement

Tracking and Measurement

Results are measured through pre- and post-training assessments, and through business measures developed in partnership with you.

Coach the Coach

90-Day Coach the Coach

After the program delivery, we lead this proprietary Coach the Coach process to ensure coaches drive action and accountability with their teams.

Training Pre-Work

Training Pre-Work

Bite-sized, mobile friendly, micro-learning builds critical knowledge before the program, introducing key concepts and models.

RAIN Group Total Access

RAIN Group Total Access

Keep your sales training capabilities in-house and embed a robust sales method. We'll certify your delivery staff in our suite of programs so you can deliver training on an ongoing basis. 

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

VILT, ILT, or Blended Delivery

This program can be delivered in a series of virtual instructor-led (VILT) deliveries with application coaching between sessions, or as a one-day instructor-led training (ILT) with pre-and post-program knowledge transfer preceding 90-day coach-the-coach.

Train Coaches to Motivate Sellers and Hold Them Accountable



of The Rest hold themselves accountable for doing what they say they will.



of The Rest recover their focus when derailed from an activity.



of The Rest have written goals.

The Rest comprised 86% of our Extreme Productivity research respondents, which means the vast majority of sellers don’t hold themselves accountable, recover easily, or have written goals.

In fact, the #1 factor separating The Extremely Productive (XP) from The Rest is: “My work habits contribute significantly to being productive.”

Most sellers not only aren’t productive, they know they’re not productive.

In Coaching for Action and Accountability, sales leaders and coaches learn the skills and tools needed to recognize unproductive habits like these and change them in themselves and their sellers—for good.

"[This program] isn’t something that’s sales specific, but it’s important to sales success. It was the best sales training we’ve ever had. You can see the team implementing it. You can see the behavior changes. By hosting virtual coaching sessions, we continued our discussions, made sure the changes and improvements everyone made were put into practice, and kept all of us accountable. The training was very out of the box. An extra bonus is that this training doesn’t just impact work lives, but also personal lives."

- Nicole Louderback, Director of Commercial Sales, SAGE Publishing

Experience Success Like Our Clients

  • Large diversified B2B telecommunications company added $100 million in pipeline within 30 days.
  • Mid-sized IT systems integrator ran a trial of RAIN Sales Prospecting and Execution Assurance. Within 8 weeks they had quadrupled their connect rate with prospects and went from booking an average of 2.5 meetings per seller per week to nearly 8.
  • Global accounting firm achieved 16X ROI just 19 weeks after kickoff of training (measured in additional incremental new business won).
  • SAGE Publishing is tracking at 5% ahead of sales target and 20% ahead of prior year. Approach and results won a Brandon Hall Award for Excellence in Sales Performance. Click here to read the full case study. >>

Train and coach your managers to drive action and accountability by maximizing their team's motivation, focusing on the right activities, and executing in the zone.