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Unleash sales potential by delivering a transformational experience.

At RAIN Group it’s our mission to unleash sales potential.

Headquartered in the US with offices internationally in London, Geneva, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Seoul, Sydney, and Toronto, we have a global footprint allowing us to serve clients all over the world. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of salespeople, managers, and professionals in more than 75 countries significantly increase their sales with our sales training and sales consulting services.

Drive Real Behavior Change and Results

Behavior change is our focus; training and consulting are the vehicles. We have a complete learning system that includes assessment, customization, and robust reinforcement to ensure that learning happens over time to drive behavior change and top performance. Learn more.

Drive Real Behavior Change and Results
Improve Sales Performance

Improve Sales Performance

You may know there are opportunities to grow sales but seizing these opportunities and knowing where to focus is a challenge. We’ll analyze your sales organization, uncover your greatest areas for potential improvement, and build a roadmap for growth. Learn more.

Succeed with the Complex Sale

Complex sales have a unique set of challenges—they have long sales cycles, dollar values are high, offerings are complex, and there are often multiple decision makers involved. We specialize in working with companies that face a complex sale. Learn more.

Succeed with the Complex Sale

Sales Performance Improvement for Your Company

While our approach with every client is unique, our services tend to fall into these categories:

Sales Training

Deliver award-winning training that drives real behavior change and results. Our suite of training programs cover everything from prospecting to consultative selling to negotiation to sales and strategic account management. Learn more.

Sales Consulting

Many factors affect sales performance—the people, organization, sales structure, and more. We’ll assess your organization, find the opportunities to significantly improve sales results, and build you a plan to get there. Learn more.

Sales Management & Coaching

Sales managers play a key role in training success and with the right process and execution assistance they consistently hold sellers accountable and enable success. Learn more.

Sales Training Programs & Performance Improvement Solutions

Consultative selling

RAIN Selling: Foundations of Consultative Selling

Our core consultative selling program teaches sellers how to lead masterful sales conversations from the first touch to the close. Learn more.

RAIN Sales Management

Sales Management

Help managers manage, coach, and develop their teams to drive top sales performance. Learn more.

Insight Selling by RAIN Group

Insight Selling: Advanced Consultative Selling

Our advanced consultative selling program focuses on driving demand and winning opportunities by helping buyers change their thinking. Learn more.

RAIN Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching

Managers and leaders learn to become the best coaches and drive seller motivation, action, development, and wins. Learn more.

Strategic Account Management

Strategic Account Management

An action-learning workshop, your team will learn how to expand, penetrate, and protect your most important and high-potential accounts. Learn more.

Key Account Management

Strategic Account Management

Learn how to grow your existing accounts with a proven process and account growth planning tool. Learn more.

Winning Major Sales

Winning Major Sales

Learn strategies and actions for maximizing sales wins in the complex sale and ensure a consistent sales process across your team. Learn more.

RAIN Sales Negotiation

Sales Negotiation

Learn how to overcome even the toughest objections and collaborate with buyers to create the best possible agreements and win. Learn more.

How to Sell Professional Services

How to Sell Professional Services

Your team will learn how to excel in business development in this consultative selling program designed specifically for professional services. Learn more.

Extreme Productivity Challenge

The 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity

Maximize your motivation, take control of your time, and achieve peak performance. Learn more.

RAIN Sales Prospecting

Sales Prospecting

Learn how to generate leads and keep the pipeline full of qualified opportunities. Learn more.

Sales Performance Benchmark Analysis & Plan

Sales Performance Benchmark Analysis & Plan

Benchmark your organization against our proprietary database of Top Performers to see how you need to improve. Learn more.

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Bring sales training delivery capabilities in-house. We’ll train and certify your team to deliver RAIN Group programs. Learn more.

Total Access License

RAIN Group Total Access®

Embed a robust sales method with full access to RAIN Group's world-class IP and education system. Learn more.

Virtual instructor-led training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Accessible wherever your sellers are, these vILT sessions address consultative selling topics and strategies relevant to your team.

Sales reinforcement

Sales Training Reinforcement

Training is learned, practiced, and reinforced overtime for true behavior change to happen. Learn more.

Choose a Transformational Experience

Sales training and performance improvement is an ongoing process to improve sales skills, knowledge, and results. You need an education system that drives real behavior change and unleashes sales potential.

Craft a sales solution

Much of your sales training success is determined before you begin. Set the table for success and ensure that you're teaching the right people the right things to achieve your goals.

Deliver the best sales training

Custom programs, tools, and reinforcement make training relevant and engaging for the greatest impact. Our facilitators average 4.8 on a 5-point scale for quality scores. 

Enable sales success
From one-on-one and group coaching to measurement and performance support, we make sure training sticks, behaviors change, and learning gets applied on-the-job.
"After working with RAIN Group, our team transformed from selling features and benefits to building and selling value. Along with the excellent training and intellectual property, RAIN Group is the kind of service business everyone wants to find, but rarely does. Their focus on us and our success, their willingness to learn our business deeply, their ability to tailor the learning delivery specifically for us, and their clear and straightforward communication and collaboration process made for an excellent experience."

- Jim Walker, Senior Vice President of Global Revenue, Agilysys

Experience Success Like Our Clients

Lee Hecht Harrison sees 43% YOY increase in new business wins globally.

When Lee Hecht Harrison was looking for ways to differentiate from its competition, it brought in RAIN Group to develop custom messaging tools and deliver Insight Selling workshops to its global sales force.

The Insight Selling program, including the customization, tools, action learning, and comprehensive learning system, played a crucial role in improving LHH sellers' knowledge, sales skills, and results. Key metrics achieved by LHH include:

  • 43% YOY increase in new business wins globally
  • 37% YOY increase in new business opportunities globally
  • 25% increase in value of new business globally

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Lee Hecht Harrison

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