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How to Break Through the Noise and Create New Conversations with Prospects

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Written by Bob Croston
Vice President, RAIN Group

As a seller, you’re trying to build relationships with potential buyers. People buy from people they know, like, and trust. The more you get to know your buyers, and let them get to know you, the easier it is to sell to them.

But first, you have to break through the noise, capture their attention, and create conversations with them. This is easier said than done.

To do this, you need to engage in what we call an Attraction Campaign. An Attraction Campaign is a coordinated series of messages with strong value-based offers deployed across multiple channels that'll get you on your buyer’s radar and make that buyer more likely to want to start a conversation.

According to our research, 43% of buyers who accept meetings say it’s okay for sellers to contact them five or more times before getting through.

That might seem like a lot of touches to break through, and it can be, but it’s not about quantity. It’s about quality. Just because you have permission, doesn’t mean you can bombard buyers with any ol' message. You still need to say something that shows you’ve researched your buyer and have a compelling reason—from the buyer’s perspective—to reach out.

An Attraction Campaign has buyer-focused value at its core.

When you reach out to buyers they question things like:

  • Is this meeting worth my time?
  • Would pursuing this offering be worth my time?
  • Does this person seem like they’re worth my time?
  • Do I think interacting with this company will be worth my time?

The more you understand the buyer-focused value case, the better you’ll be able to grab buyers’ attention and compel them to meet with you. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind.

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Customize Your Message with Trigger Events

The vast majority of the prospecting messages we see from sellers are generic, written for a broad audience, and look like something sent by an obvious automatic process. As a result, they’re quickly deleted—if they don’t get delivered directly to the buyer’s spam folder.

These kinds of messages just create noise in a buyer’s inbox. To really grab a buyer’s attention, you need to customize your message.

One of the best ways to do this is by taking advantage of trigger events.

A trigger event is something specific that has happened that creates an opening for a seller to reach out, such as a mention of the buyer's company in the news, a change in the buyer's role, or simply a piece of content the buyer shared on social media. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an excellent tool to help you identify these trigger events; you can set up alerts for different events, and whenever one of your tracked accounts is involved, you’ll be notified.

And remember: trigger events don’t always have to come from the buyer. You can also use a proactive trigger event you generate, such as a new piece of content from your marketing team or an event you’re hosting. It doesn’t have to be significant—just something you can use to communicate your expertise and that would benefit the buyer.

The more you can use trigger events to customize your message and tailor something special for that individual buyer, the more likely you are to break through the noise and generate actual meetings.

Create Multiple Value-Based Offers

Offers aren’t one-size-fits-all, nor are they simply a promotional offer. In fact, you often need a collection of different offers tailored to the buyer, their industry, their business situation, or a trigger event.

According to buyers in our Top Performance in Sales Prospecting study, the top prospecting offers buyers respond to include:

  1. Primary research data relevant to the buyer’s business
  2. Content 100% customized to the buyer’s specific situation
  3. Descriptions of the provider’s capabilities
  4. Insight on the use of products or services to solve business problems
  5. Best practice methodology based on the provider’s area of expertise

The study reveals buyers want offers that are relevant to their businesses and specific to their situation. Top prospectors tailor their offers based on who they’re reaching out to. You can create offers for specific industries, buyer roles, or in response to important trigger events.

For example, one of your triggers could be a target company hiring a new COO. You can then reach out to share an offering of the top 5 things new COOs need to do in their first 90 days, culled from your experience and research.

But you can only reach out if you have this offer at the ready.

Cut Through the Noise and Fill Your Pipeline

With all selling activity happening virtually these days, there’s been an increase in the amount of noise buyers are seeing. A strong strategy with a relevant offer will help you to break through this noise and create new conversations and relationships with your buyers.

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Last Updated June 27, 2024

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