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Discover what buyers want and how to succeed with virtual selling today.

The RAIN Group Center for Sales Research has kept its finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of sales as we transition to virtual selling and feel the effects of the global pandemic.

Our team of analysts have worked to uncover the challenges of virtual selling, common mistakes buyers encounter in the virtual space, the factors that have the greatest influence on buyers’ purchase decisions, and more.

Since beginning our research in Q2 2020, we’ve surveyed 528 sellers and buyers on their virtual buying and selling experiences. We continue to add to this research, update our findings, and incorporate it in our Virtual Selling suite of training programs.

We’ve uncovered significant and surprising gaps in the experiences of buyers and sellers in the virtual space.


Transition to Virtual Selling

Transition to Virtual Selling

How do you build relationships without face-to-face meetings? How can you use technology to your advantage? How do you keep buyers engaged? You need to address these challenges head-on as you transition to virtual selling.

Understand What Buyers Want

Understand What Buyers Want

Get into your buyer’s brain, understand the factors that have the greatest influence on purchase decisions, and see how you stack up. Most sellers have a lot of room for improvement.

Succeed in the New Normal

Succeed in the New Normal

Virtual selling is here to stay. Even when face-to-face meetings come back, most sales will continue to be done virtually. You must master the virtual environment to succeed in the new normal.

Huge Gaps in What Buyers Want and Virtual Seller Skills

In our research, we uncovered the factors that have the greatest influence on buyer purchase decisions, and also asked buyers to rate how sellers stack up.

Sellers are doing a poor job in the areas that matter most to buyers. Here are the factors that have the highest influence on buyers decisions and seller effectiveness.

Top Purchase Decision Factors and Seller Effectiveness


Sellers have a lot of work to do to close these gaps.

Virtual Selling Skills & Challenges Report

Virtual_Selling_Skills_Challenges_Report_CoverIn our Virtual Selling Skills & Challenges report, we share the results of our survey, including:

  • Top challenges sellers face in the virtual environment
  • The factors that highly influence buyer purchase decisions
  • Virtual selling trends and the impact of the global pandemic on sales
  • Virtual seller effectiveness across key skills
  • The most commons mistakes buyers experience when being sold to virtually

This research is also the foundation for our latest book, Virtual Selling: How to Build Relationships, Differentiate, and Win Sales Remotely, available on Amazon.

Relationships, Engagement, and Changing Buyers' Points of View—The Top Challenges of Selling Virtually


of sellers say gaining attention and keeping buyers engaged virtually is challenging.


of sellers say changing buyers' points of view about what's possible is challenging.


of sellers say developing relationships virtually is challenging.

Across the board, sellers are finding the transition to virtual selling challenging. 62% of sellers rated each of the 18 factors studied as at least somewhat challenging. It’s surprising just how challenging sellers find the new sales landscape.

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Virtual Selling Skills & Challenges

Virtual Selling Skills & Challenges

This report reveals where sellers are succeeding and failing in virtual selling.



Bring Virtual Selling Training to Your Company

With Virtual Selling training, your team will learn how to successfully transition to virtual selling and win in the new sales environment.


Virtual Selling Training Programs

Virtual Selling Training Programs

Complete virtual selling curriculum covering all stages of the sales process and sales management.


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