Infographic: 5 Roles of a Successful Sales Coach

5 roles

Sales coaching has become a hot topic in business as more and more companies see a significant return on investment. However, where executive coaching and personal-effectiveness coaching yield positive results, sales coaching lags behind. Whether it's a lack of time, inconsistent coaching conversations, unavailability of tools and resources to succeed, or weak coaching skills, sales managers and leaders simply aren't producing strong results.

Over the years, and through our own RAIN Sales Coaching program, we've learned there are three critical components to sales coaching success. A sales coach must:

•  Play the five roles in the coaching process

•  Establish a regular rhythm and frequency to the coaching process

•  Lead masterful coaching conversations

This infographic briefly covers the five roles of a sales coach. Feel free to print it, use it as a reference, and share it with your teams...

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5 Sales Coaching Myths We Can All Safely Ignore
By Ago Cluytens


Sales coaching—working one-on-one or in small groups with firms and individuals in a highly focused manner to help them increase effectiveness, revenues, and sales—is a large part of what I do on a day-to-day basis.

Done right, it’s one of the most powerful, impactful ways to increase revenue and boost individual or group performance.

I love the work. It allows me to make a real difference, work with driven, motivated professionals, and see them grow and expand their abilities in the process. I also love it because it is one of the most direct ways in which I can demonstrate the full impact of what I do to a new (or existing) client.

Clients are often surprised by the effect of sales coaching, both in terms of “hard numbers,” as well as the changes they see in the people being coached...

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Sales Planning Tool for Maximizing Account Growth
By Mike Schultz
Effectiveness of process to evaluate additional
areas of value we can bring to strategic accounts.

In our Benchmark Report on High Performance in Strategic Account Management research study, we learned that high performers—those companies that had much greater revenue and profit growth in their strategic accounts than the rest—were 2.8 times more likely to have an effective process for planning ways to add value to accounts.

If you want to increase revenue in your accounts, the first thing you need to do is—you guessed it!—make it a standard, formal part of your process. Once you get the right members of the team together, you can explore ways to have the greatest impact on your client through additional product and service offerings.

But simply having these meetings isn't enough. Four common problems crop up, all of which can be aided with the help of the right sales planning tool...

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Reduce Risk for Your Buyers
By Mike Schultz

riskIn our What Sales Winners Do Differently research, we learned that reducing risk has shot up in importance as a criteria for buying today.

Now, for every 100 times you as a seller find advice to sell the return on investment case, you might find just one piece of advice focused on minimizing the perception of risk for the buyer.

This is interesting because it was just 40 years ago that marketers and sellers didn’t focus much on results and impact. The transition away from features and benefits had just begun But fast forward to today and every company’s marketing and sales messages promise some kind of results, often wild results, as their first foot forward.

Yet while everyone’s promising results, buyers regularly report disappointment...

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Ten Commandments for Shortening Your Sales Cycle, Pt. 2
By John Doerr

spiral staircase

In my last article about shortening your sales cycle, I revealed the first five tips for getting to the close faster. I covered:

I. Thou Shalt Present a Crisp, Clear Value Proposition

II. Thou Shalt Talk to the Right Person

III. Thou Shalt Uncover the Prospect’s Aspirations and Afflictions

IV. Thou Shalt Engender Trust and Confidence in Your Company

V. Thou Shalt Deal With Objections Early On

In this article, I’ll finish the list of commandments with the next five ways to shorten your sales cycle...

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