New Book Now Available: Insight Selling
By Erica Stritch


After studying over 700 B2B purchases, sifting through hundreds of pages of data, talking to tens of thousands of sellers and sales leaders, and more than a year in the writing process, we are thrilled that our new book, Insight Selling: Surprising Research on What Sales Winners Do Differently is finally here.

In it we outline exactly what today’s sales winners are doing to stand out from the pack and find themselves in the winner’s circle more often than the rest. And it provides a roadmap for you to do the same.

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Infographic: The Road to Becoming an Insight Seller
By Erica Stritch

insight seller

In Insight Selling: Surprising Research on What Sales Winners Do Differently, we reveal the results of our extensive analysis of over 700 B2B purchases from the buyer’s perspective.

In our research, we found that sales winners consistently exhibit behaviors on three levels: they connect, convince, and collaborate.

1. Connect

  • Sellers connect the dots between buyers’ needs and solutions they offer.
  • Sellers connect with people by listening to buyers and connecting with them personally.

2. Convince

  • Sellers persuade buyers they will achieve worthwhile results.
  • Sellers minimize the perception of risk by demonstrating experience, building trust, and inspiring confidence.
  • Sellers persuade buyers they are the best choice.

3. Collaborate

  • Sellers collaborate with buyers by being proactive and responsive.
  • Sellers educate buyers with new ideas and perspectives.

In this infographic, we share the road to becoming an insight seller and what you need to do in each level to maximize your sales results...

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Why We're Donating Royalties from Insight Selling to the American Heart Association
By Mike Schultz


On September 28, 2011, my wife and I went to our 18 week ultrasound to find out if our first child would be a boy or a girl.

We found out it was a boy, and that he had a special heart.

Our unborn son was diagnosed with a critical aortic stenosis with evolving hypoplastic left heart.

Which means if he made it to birth, he’d have half a heart, need at least 3 open heart surgeries, and likely have a very difficult life.

There was a new, cutting edge surgery, though, that might allow our son to have a whole heart. This complicated heart surgery would need to happen before he was born.

We ended up doing it. Twice.

Our son was born and we named him Ari. He’s since had two major open heart surgeries, has had scar tissue cut out of his heart twice, and has had 3 out of his 4 heart valves moved or replaced...

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Sneak Peek of Insight Selling
By Erica Stritch

insight selling

The sales landscape has shifted in the last few years.

Buyers are more informed than ever, competition is stiffer, and products and services are increasingly seen as replaceable, leaving most sellers at a loss for the best way to add value and differentiate.

Yet, some sellers continue to win consistently.

To find out what these sellers are doing differently than the rest, we undertook a massive research effort. In our study, we looked at 700 B2B purchases made by buyers who represent $3.1 billion in annual purchasing power.

We found that the sellers who win harness the power of ideas. And in our new book, Insight Selling: Surprising Research on What Sales Winners Do Differently by bestselling authors Mike Schultz and John Doerr, we share exactly how they do it...

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Essentials of an Effective Account Planning Tool
By Mike Schultz

account planning tool

In The Benchmark Report on High Performance in Strategic Account Management, we analyzed data from over 370 companies that engage in formal strategic account management. We asked about the top challenges that limit account growth and found the number one difference between high performers and the rest is: having an effective strategic account planning tool.

Only 19% of high performers reported having an effective account planning tool as challenging compared to 53% of everyone else (see graph to the left).

The challenge of having an effective tool does not, however, exist in a vacuum.

Companies that don’t have an effective tool often don’t have one because they’re not committed to account growth as a systematic process, and they don’t commit to account planning as a necessary component of account growth success.

In any case, if you don’t have an effective tool you use across all accounts, it’s virtually impossible to make real progress in growing accounts systematically.

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