Happy Holidays from RAIN Group
By Erica Stritch

happy holidays

Wishing you Happy Holidays and good cheer in the New Year.

This holiday season, we're pleased to make a charitable donation on behalf of our clients to the Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation. The Foundation supports families with children facing congenital heart disease by providing grants and long-term housing, by working with hospitals to improve doctor/patient communication and patient care, and through music therapy.

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7 Keys to Turning Cold Prospects into New Clients
By Bob Croston


We all love repeat business, referrals, and inbound warm leads. The problem is you can’t scale warm leads. When these run out, so does your ability to grow your revenue, unless, of course, you prospect and drive new leads in the pipeline yourself.

If you're looking for better success from cold meetings, consider these seven keys to turning cold prospects into new clients.

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Infographic: 8 Tips for Beating Your Sales Goals in 2016
By Erica Stritch

sales research infographic

Even small improvements in win rate can have a huge impact on revenue.

Based on findings from The Top-Performing Sales Organization Benchmark Report, the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research has identified 8 key areas that contribute to higher win rates that will help you beat your sales goals and reach Top Performer status in 2016:

View the infographic now.

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What Defines a Top-Performing Sales Organization?
By Mike Schultz

sales research

Two sellers are talking at the end of the day. One turns to the other and asks, “How was your day?”

“I had a great day,” the second seller says. “I sent out two proposals this morning, had a great first meeting with a new potential buyer, and finally got a meeting with a decision maker I’ve been trying to reach for a year!” Feeling proud, he asks the first seller, “How was your day?”

He answers, “I didn’t sell anything either.”

This is one of the challenging-yet-great things about sales. It’s measurable. At some point, you have to bring in the wins or you fail. Which begs the question, “What brings in the wins?”

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This Thanksgiving, Get in the Spirit of Building Client Relationships
By Erica Stritch

strategic account management

It's the perfect time of year to give thanks and show appreciation for the people in your life who help you succeed—friends, family, colleagues, and clients. When it comes to the relationships you have with your clients, thanksgiving isn't the only time of year you should work on appreciating and building them. You should always be looking for ways to strengthen your business relationships.

Why is building these relationships so important? Put simply, it's less expensive and easier to sell to already-established buyers. Bain & Company reports that retaining current customers costs 6 to 7x less than acquiring new ones. Repeat customers also spend 67% more on average.1

Yet, most organizations are not effective at developing the relationships necessary to grow their existing clients.

If you are looking for tips to build your client relationships during the holiday season and all year round, check out these 5 articles on how to strengthen relationships and grow your existing accounts:

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