[New White Paper] World-Class Sales Training: How to Build and Implement Your Own Sales University
By Erica Stritch

sales training

Sales training is often approached with a car wash mentality: You're in, you're out, and you're ready to sell.

But this isn't how real learning happens. This isn't how you help sellers raise the bar and change how they sell.

It's time for an entirely new approach to sales education; an approach that overhauls the way sales training is conceived, designed, and executed over the long-term.

An approach that drives real behavior change and results.

In this white paper, Mike Schultz and John Doerr, Co-Presidents of RAIN Group, show you how developing a sales university not only builds sales team capability, but also enables sellers and transforms the way they sell.

Download World-Class Sales Training: How to Build and Implement Your Own Sales University now.

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4 Decision Roles in Every Sale
By Mike Schultz

Click to learn the 4 decision roles on the buying team.

"It was like a phantom swooped in in the eleventh hour and killed the sale."

We've all been there...You had a series of great meetings. You built rapport and developed a strong, trusted relationship. You uncovered (and got agreement) on the buyer's needs—needs that they didn't even know they had. You spent days working with your delivery team to scope the project and craft the proposal. You sent it off to your contact and called him at the time you had scheduled to review it:

Buyer: "Thanks for putting this together. You've really hit the nail on the head outlining our company’s needs. I like the phase-by-phase approach you're proposing, allowing us to make adjustments along the way. I just need to have Brian take a look and give the green light."

You: "Wait. Brian? Who's Brian?"

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Infographic: 10 Steps for Growing Your Key Accounts
By Erica Stritch

growing accounts infographic

Retaining current customers costs 6-7x less than acquiring news ones, and improving customer retention rates by a mere 5% can increase profit per customer by 25%-95%. So it makes sense that top companies focus on building relationships, increasing loyalty, and selling more to current customers as a growth strategy.

Based on our extensive research in strategic account management, we've identified 10 steps you can take to replicate their successes.

View the infographic now.

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Likability in Sales – Does it Matter?
By Mike Schultz

likability in sales

Years ago, I was working for a company that had just made the decision to go public. After a lengthy deliberation, the company chose a particular big-five firm (at the time there were five) to handle the preparations for our public offering. Curious, I asked the chief financial officer how he made the decision.

He invited me to his office and showed me a chart of all the qualifications and decision criteria and how each firm stacked up. It was obvious there was a clear winner.

Then he asked me if I wanted to know how he had really made the decision. Of course, I said yes. He said, "Close the door." Intriguing...

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Top 10 Strategic Account Management Challenges [Research]
By Mike Schultz

strategic account management

When it comes to growing accounts, challenges abound. In our Benchmark Report on High Performance in Strategic Account Management, we asked:

Consider the challenges your company faces in strategic account management. For each factor indicate how challenging it is to your company's SAM efforts.

Here are the results.

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