Common Sales Training Mistakes to Avoid
By Erica Stritch

why sales training fails

9 out of 10 sales training initiatives have no lasting impact after 120 days.1

Considering companies spend $3.4 to $4.6 billion on sales training with outsourced providers each year, that’s a big investment with little to show for it beyond short-term, short-lived gains.2

Fortunately, the reasons sales training fails are both predictable and fixable. By avoiding common mistakes, you set yourself up for successful training initiatives that lead to increased sales performance and long-term revenue growth.

Here are the most common problems we see:

  1. Before training, companies don’t have clearly defined outcomes and they don’t align the outcomes with learning needs
  2. Training focuses on building sales skills but doesn’t build fluent sales knowledge
  3. Sellers attributes (their drivers and detractors of sales success) are ignored
  4. There’s no process or methodology or goal and action planning, so sellers don’t know what to do to get the best results...
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The #1 Reason Why Account Development Fails
By Mike Schultz

selling tools

In the Benchmark Report on High Performance in Strategic Account Management, we studied more than 370 companies that engage in formal strategic account management. We looked at what sets High Performers apart from the rest, and what you need to do to become a high-performing organization.

Among other areas, we asked about the challenges companies face when it comes to account development. We found that High Performers report fewer challenges and issues in a host of different areas, including:

  • Finding time to focus on strategies and actions to maximize growth at strategic accounts
  • Getting funding or resources needed to maximize growth at strategic accounts
  • Gaining support from company leaders to focus on strategic account management

Here’s the hard truth...

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3 Rules for Building a Value Proposition
By Mike Schultz

value proposition

Every business pundit has said at one time or another, "There's no more misunderstood, argued about topic in business than [insert topic here], but it's really not that complicated. Here's the secret to understanding it." Understanding how to communicate value when you're selling falls into this same category.

Before you can learn how to communicate value, you need to understand what value, itself, is.

  • Value: The monetary worth of something
  • Value Proposition: The collection of reasons why a buyer buys
  • Value Proposition Positioning Statement: A compelling, tangible statement of how a company or individual will benefit from buying something specific or buying from you in general

Most people, however, only think of the third bullet...

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Social Selling Tools: 5 Ways to Save Time, Stay Focused, and Generate More Sales
By Ago Cluytens

selling tools

According to recent data from the Social Media and Sales Quota report from Social Centered Selling, 78.6% of sellers using social selling outperformed those who didn’t. And social sellers were 23% more successful in terms of meeting and exceeding quota.

The question isn’t if social selling works. It’s how.

Many so-called “gurus” continue to talk about social selling as if it were limited to asking/answering questions in LinkedIn groups and monitoring customers' Twitter accounts while scanning for buying signals (“our server is down again”).

Good luck with that kind of strategy.

Social selling isn’t about gimmicks or using the same old tricks to get the meeting. It’s about a quiet revolution that is rapidly widening the gap between those who will succeed in sales tomorrow and those who will get left behind.

It’s about leveraging the power of technology so you can focus on what you do best—selling—instead of spending your time chasing after prospects who aren’t worthy of your time and devotion...

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Vote for the 2013 Top Sales Awards - Polls Now Closed
By Erica Stritch

top sales awards

Top Sales World has announced the finalists for its annual Top Sales & Marketing Awards and we’re pleased to share that RAIN Group has been nominated in three categories.

1. Top Sales Thought Leader: Mike Schultz & John Doerr

2. Top Sales Ebook/White Paper: What Sales Winners Do Differently

3. Top Sales & Marketing Resource Site:

According to Top Sales World, “The annual Top Sales & Marketing Awards contest has been created to hail ‘the heroes’ of the sales and marketing space.”

While we do encourage you to vote, we’d also like to share some of the great work we’ve accomplished this year in each of these categories. Please note: the polls close on Friday and we could use your help to secure a spot on the podium. Vote today!

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