Take the New Survey: The Top-Performing Sales Organization
By Erica Stritch

sales research

In this RAIN Group Center for Sales Research survey, we set out to answer the following question:

What do the top-performing sales organizations—those with better proposal win rates, attainment of sales plan, and overall revenue growth—do differently than the rest?

But we need your help.

Please take 15 minutes to complete the Top-Performing Sales Organization survey. As a thank you for participating, you'll receive a free report summary.

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How to Measure Your Client Relationship Strength
By Mike Schultz

client relationships

Ask most people about the strength of their core client relationships and they'll say, "Great. Rock solid."

Yet these comments usually refer to how much rapport or trust sellers feel they have with the client. They don't answer the question through the lens of business value the client receives from them.

They're also often thinking more of the relationship they feel they have with their client, not how their client feels about them.

To assess the strength of your relationship with a client, the key is to view it through their eyes. You can start by evaluating your relationships using these 7 questions.

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Sell with Hustle, Passion, and Intensity
By Mike Schultz


"Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in."

- Napoleon Bonaparte

I've seen more people intend to crush their goals than I have seen people actually crush their goals. They talk about how they're going to make it to the top. They read books and attend seminars. They talk a good game.

Then many go nowhere. Oh, they can justify their lack of production: the competition has advantages, the buyers won't act, the economy is rough. No luck this year.


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5 Changes in B2B Buying Behavior You Need to Know About
By Ago Cluytens

B2B Buying Behavior

The world around us is shifting—in virtually every way. Savvy sellers have caught on to the fact that B2B buying behavior is changing as well.

The economic downturn has had a lingering impact on the market. Corporations have caught on to new ways of staying lean and reducing costs while maintaining productivity. Coupled with the rise of the Internet and the abundance of information available to buyers, business is being conducted differently than it was just twenty years ago.

As a former buyer, corporate executive, management consultant and trainer, I've been at the forefront of observing these changes as they happen. And make no mistake: the world of buying (and selling) will never be the same again. If you're still longing for the "good old days," perhaps now the time has come to move on and embrace the new reality.

So what exactly has changed? Here are 5 changes in B2B buying behavior you need to know about and how you can deal with each.

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Free Ebook: The One Piece of Advice You Need to Exceed Your Sales Targets
By Erica Stritch

sales advice

Sales advice is a dime a dozen.

There are scores of “experts” writing articles, white papers, books, blogs, and more, and generally making a lot of noise about how to be successful in sales.

And, unsurprisingly, the advice of one “expert” often contradicts the advice of another.

Does cold calling work? Is building relationships still important? Is social media worth your time? What are the most effective closing techniques?

And the list goes on.

With all the advice out there, it’s hard to sort out what’s most important and what will have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

To find out, we asked 5 proven sales experts at the top of their fields one question.

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