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RAIN Group Brings Home 6 Top Sales Awards

The votes have been counted and the results of the 2011 Top Sales Awards are in. We are thrilled that RAIN Group brought home 6 awards in total including the gold in 4 categories:

In addition, we won the silver medal for the Top Sales Webinar, 7 Principles of Successful Sales Training Programs and the bronze for Top Sales Article, 3 Ways to Improve Your Value Proposition Right Now.

We at RAIN Group try our best to produce the most valuable sales resources for our clients and the industry. But it is only when we hear it from our fans and the industry experts that we know we’re on target. Thank you so much to everyone who voted. We couldn’t have done it without you.

We’d also like to congratulate all of the other sales and marketing “heroes,” as awards co-founder Jonathan Farrington calls them. You all “went the extra mile,” challenged the status quo, and brought new and innovative ideas to the sales industry. For a complete list of the winners, visit www.TopSalesAwards.com.

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2011-Gold_eBook_1.gif 2011-Silver_Webinar_1.gif 2011-Bronze_Mark_Article_1.gif
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