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Your Top 10 Sales Resources of 2021

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Written by Erica Schultz
Chief Marketing Officer, RAIN Group

For most sellers, the focus of 2021 has been about adapting to the new sales environment.

Those who got ahead in 2021 did so by adopting new methods to stand out and stay competitive. For many, this meant excelling in a virtual environment.

But virtual selling is only one piece of the puzzle. Fundamental relationship-building skills and mastery of sales conversations, among many other factors, allowed savvy sellers to gain an edge.

Our top content in 2021 reflects those skills that carried sellers through the last two years, and more that'll be invaluable in 2022 and beyond.


Ebook: 66 Sales Tips Every Seller Needs to Know in 2022

What will set you apart with buyers next year? These 66 tactics give you actionable steps you can take to fill your pipeline, strengthen your relationship with buyers, and ultimately win more deals. Plus, get a one-page checklist to keep these tips handy.

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Webinar: Build Your Prospecting Plan for 2022

There’s no shortage of advice meant to make prospecting easier and faster. But prospecting is dependent on strategy, preparation, and consistency—none of which are easy or fast.

In this on-demand webinar, Neil Wood walks you through a research-backed framework to create a sustainable and repeatable process for prospecting.

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Mastering Sales Negotiations Toolkit

Toolkit: Mastering Sales Negotiations

Six out of 10 sellers cave on price when faced with pressure from buyers. But leading confident, collaborative, and positive negotiations is possible.

Our Mastering Sales Negotiations toolkit gives you an ebook that shares the six areas the best negotiators consistently get right, plus checklists, frameworks, and references to guide you through your negotiations.

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Article: Sales Prospecting: Tips, Techniques, and Strategies

Creating conversations with prospects is critical to greater success in sales, but the dynamics of how to do so can be baffling. Unfortunately, when sellers seek to understand prospecting better, they often find conflicting advice.

In this article, we break down prospecting into its fundamental steps to examine strategies necessary to get the most out of your outreach and fill the pipeline with quality prospects.

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Insight Selling Toolkit

Toolkit: How to Change the Buyer Conversation with Insight

Our research shows that sellers who win educate buyers 3x more often than those who finish second.

These sellers become the value for buyers by sharing new ideas, asking incisive questions, and helping buyers make better decisions. In this toolkit, we share tactics to help you inspire buyers with new ideas, ask better questions, and disrupt thinking.

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Article: How to Sell through LinkedIn

Eighty-two percent of buyers will review your LinkedIn profile before accepting a meeting or otherwise connecting to you. You’re constantly being evaluated on your digital brand.

To get the most out of LinkedIn, you need to optimize your profile and use the platform to connect with others and strengthen your relationships. This article shares actionable steps you can take to improve your presence and outreach on LinkedIn.

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Not Today: The 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity

Book: Not Today: The 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity

While their five-year-old son fought for his life, RAIN Group leaders Erica and Mike Schultz learned a new way to live, work, and succeed.

After reflection and recovery, Mike and Erica codified their method of coping and working, and set out to study the work habits of extremely productive people. Now, they reveal the 9 Habits of Extreme Productivity with easy-to-apply techniques to stay focused and positive even in difficult times.

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Article: 20 Virtual Sales Relationship-Building Tips

Virtual selling is the new normal. Even in situations where you do some selling in person, you’re still likely to have a high number of virtual meetings on your calendar.

To maintain and build positive relationships in a virtual environment, you need to be aware of how interacting with buyers is fundamentally different. In this article, we share tactics to make the most of your virtual meetings and set yourself up for success.

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The 6 Essential Rules of Sales Negotiation Infographic


Infographic: 6 Essential Rules of Sales Negotiation

Negotiations are more competitive than ever, but the best negotiators are more likely to stay confident and achieve target pricing.

But where do these negotiators excel?

We’ve distilled our research into six rules to help sellers face down pricing pressure, handle objections, and focus on value. In this infographic, we share our findings to help you put these rules into practice.

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Article: What Is Key Account Management? [+ Checklist]

New business from key accounts is 60% to 70% more likely to close compared to the 5% to 20% likelihood of closing a deal with a new client. This means account management and retention should be a top priority for organizations looking to increase wins. 

In this article, we share nine reasons why account teams succeed, as well as a proven account management process and the roles that make the biggest difference with clients and prospects.

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We hope this content can help you get a head start on your sales goals for the new year. Here’s to a happy and successful 2022!


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