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Setting goals keeps you focused, motivates you, and gives you a destination to work towards. It's an essential part of any career and is especially important in sales.

However, it's not enough to just set goals—you need to know how you're going to achieve them. You need an action plan and to hold yourself accountable.

In this Goal Setting Worksheet, we provide a proven goals framework and action planning process to help you set and meet your goals this year. You'll learn:

  • 3 types of goals you need to define
  • 5 key areas you must address to not only set your goals, but also give yourself the best shot at achieving them
  • 6 essential elements of your action plan
  • A simple, 3-minute practice that can double your success rate in achieving what you set out to accomplish
    each week

This download includes a blank worksheet with step-by-step instructions for developing your own goals and action plan, as well as an example of a completed Goal Setting Worksheet.

It's everything you need to begin the path towards defining and achieving your goals starting today.

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Goal Setting Worksheet

Goal Setting Worksheet