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How to Make Persuasive Sales Presentations Toolkit

Have you ever worked for hours putting together a presentation for buyers you believed was strong and persuasive only to have it fall flat? You’re not alone.

89% of sellers find it challenging to change a buyer’s point of view of what’s possible or how to solve a problem.1

Addressing this starts with knowing that the most persuasive presentations are conversations, not one-way pitches.

In this toolkit, we introduce our Convincing Story framework, which will help you lead persuasive conversations in person or virtually at any stage of the sales cycle.

Early in the sales process, you can use it to help buyers set new priorities or consider a different approach.

Later in the sales process, you can use it to help you make a case in terms of impact, decisions, and partners.

At the end of the sales process, you can use it to help you shape your finalist presentation and collaborate on the solution.

The toolkit includes:

  • Ebook: How to Make the Most Persuasive Sales Presentations: Take a deep dive into how to apply our 5-step storytelling framework at any stage in the sales process.
  • Framework: How to Tell a Convincing Story: A framework to help you take buyers through a conversation that excites and inspires.
  • Checklist: Preparing Your Convincing Story: Use this checklist to actively address frequently overlooked elements of a sales presentation.
  • Checklist: Learn/Feel/Do: Use this checklist to achieve the three outcomes you need to sell an idea: learn, feel, and do.

You’ll learn:

  • 5 key components of delivering a Convincing Story
  • 8 ways to transform your sales presentations into collaborative discussions with buyers
  • How to ensure buyers learn, feel, and do what you want them to
  • 10 key takeaways to help you deliver presentations with confidence
  • The #1 most impactful way to get buyers to consider new opportunities

If you’re looking to deliver more compelling and persuasive sales presentations, this toolkit will give you the framework you need.

Download the toolkit by filling out the form to the right.

1 Virtual Selling Skills and Challenges, RAIN Group Center for Sales Research