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How to Build a Sales Coaching Plan

Sales managers rate themselves highly on their ability to help sellers solve problems and provide coaching to build selling capabilities.

However, when we ask sellers to rate their managers on these two factors, we get a very different story (33% and 29% less likely to agree, respectively).

There’s a huge disparity between how well managers think they do these things and what their sellers experience. 🚩

As a manager, your role is to motivate and develop your sellers to be as successful as possible. Even your best sellers need guidance, coaching, and advice. But many sales managers and coaches miss the mark.

In this bundle, we help you map out the coaching activities that will make the biggest difference to your sellers, uncover opportunities for growth for you and your team, and walk you through an action plan that will get results.


  • Guide: Sales Coaching: A Practical Guide for Sales Managers
  • Checklist: My Plan for Sales Coaching
  • Video: Sales Coaching as Change Management
  • Video: My Coaching Plan

You’ll learn:

  • The effect of coaching frequency on top performance
  • How to build a coaching plan that unleashes your team’s potential
  • The 5 coaching roles of Top-Performing Sales Managers
  • Common tactics that derail sales coaching
  • How to evaluate the success of your plan and hold yourself accountable

If you’re ready to build a coaching plan, strengthen your coaching conversations, and improve the sales performance of your team, these resources will give you the template you need to succeed.

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Sales Coaching Guide

Bundle: How to Build a Sales Coaching Plan