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82% of buyers will look up a seller on LinkedIn before replying to a seller’s prospecting efforts.


Which begs the question: How are you showing up on LinkedIn?

What does your profile look like and what does it say about you?

Your profile is a reflection of who you are and the value you can deliver. And when more than 8 in 10 buyers will look you up before engaging with you, it’s imperative that your profile is up-to-date, professional, and speaks to your target buyers.

Our LinkedIn for Sales Guide will walk you through exactly how to get there, including:

  • 4 core activities that are critical to your LinkedIn selling success
  • One action that can get you up to 9 times more connection requests
  • The LinkedIn feature that helps you build credibility with prospects
  • Quick tips to increase your number of connections
  • The factors that increase the likelihood of VP- or C-level buyers accepting your connection request
  • How updating one part of your profile can get you 8 times more profile views
  • A simple formula for writing a headline that conveys value

Plus, you’ll get RAIN Group’s LinkedIn Checklist and the 15-Day LinkedIn Challenge to help you boost your sales success with LinkedIn right away.

If you’re looking to strengthen your profile, increase connections, and leverage LinkedIn for pipeline growth, this guide is a must-read.

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LinkedIn for Sales Guide

Guide: LinkedIn for Sales Guide