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Our research shows that sellers who win educate buyers 3X more often than those who finish second.

They share new ideas, challenge thinking, ask incisive questions, and help buyers make better decisions. Indeed, they change the sales conversation.

Our free toolkit, How to Change the Buyer Conversation with Insight, will teach you how they do it. Complete with a how-to guide, questions you can use immediately in your conversations, and a checklist, you'll get the frameworks and tools you need to lead more impactful sales conversations and sell with insight. 

The toolkit includes:

  • Ebook: How to Change the Buyer Conversation with Insight: Learn how to push buyers out of their comfort zones and into the learning zone, where you can inspire them with new ideas and better ways to achieve their goals.
  • Reference: 9 Questions (+1 Bonus) to Disrupt Thinking for Interaction Insight: Questions you can ask to open buyers’ minds to new thinking and help them make better decisions.
  • Framework: How to Tell a Convincing Story: A framework to help you take buyers through a conversation that excites and inspires.
  • Checklist: 10 Tips to Excel with Interaction Insight: A quick list of tactical tips to change your buyer conversations immediately.
  • Blueprint: Insight Across the Buying and Selling Process: A model for how to apply insights across the sales process.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Balance inquiry (asking questions) with advocacy (statements and stories)
  • Ask questions that disrupt, reframe, and direct the discussion to get buyers thinking differently
  • Respond to buyers who become defensive when you challenge their thinking
  • Tell a Convincing Story that brings new ideas and possibilities alive and drives collaboration
  • Focus on the maximum value the buyer could receive in their specific situation

If you want to sell like the winners do, this toolkit will give you the tools you need.

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