Agilysys doubles win rate and grows sales significantly through customized sales training and sales coaching training programs.

Client: Agilysys
Industry: Technology
Services: Assessments, Sales Training, Sales Coach Training


Agilysys is an industry leader in the hospitality software and solutions space serving casinos, resorts and hotels, foodservice, and more.

Prior to contacting RAIN Group, Agilysys was looking to focus their efforts on its developing sales team and implement a predictable sales process.


Agilysys sought out RAIN Group to create a unified sales management and coaching system, establish a cohesive sales process, and give team members the skills and tools needed to drive sales. RAIN Group:


RAIN Group's research-based, customized, and highly interactive approach resonated with Agilysys participants, setting the stage for a 3-year partnership. Establishing a common sales process, sales and coaching methods, and ongoing training have been major factors driving success. Results include:

  • Sales bookings increased from $77 million to $126 million, a 63% increase
  • Hiring success increased from 40% success rate of new hires to 90% after sales coaching and sales assessment implementation
  • Percent of pipeline closed every quarter rose from 12% to 25%, with corresponding doubling of win rate on proposed business
  • Sales cycle time improved by 20%
  • Large deal wins nearly doubled from 30 per quarter to 55
  • Sellers hitting quota went from 30% to 65%
"After working with RAIN Group, our team transformed from selling features and benefits to building and selling value. Along with the excellent training and intellectual property, RAIN Group is the kind of service business everyone wants to find, but rarely does. Their focus on us and our success, their willingness to learn our business deeply, their ability to tailor the learning delivery specifically for us, and their clear and straightforward communication and collaboration process made for an excellent experience."

- Jim Walker, Senior Vice President of Global Revenue, Agilysys

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