cStor wins significantly more sales, improves profit margin, and increases productivity through RAIN Selling and sales coaching training programs.

Client: cStor
Industry: Data Management
Services: Assessments, Sales Training, Sales Coach Training


Founded in 2002, cStor helps companies strategize, create, and implement data center solutions that address business needs.

cStor's sales professionals were using an inconsistent sales approach, which focused on features instead of the customer's desired outcomes.


cStor engaged RAIN Group and embarked on a multi-year improvement journey to provide its sales professionals with a common sales methodology. RAIN Group:

  • Evaluated sales professionals using a RAIN Group sales assessment to gauge collective strengths and weaknesses of the team, and to identify areas of improvement
  • Delivered a custom RAIN Selling workshop to improve business development skills and teach professionals how to apply these skills in sales conversations
  • Provided coaching to sales leaders to maximize management potential
  • Supplied learning reinforcement through online sales training programs, customized webinars, and scenario emails (RAIN Mail)
  • Lent recruitment assistance through the creation of custom advertisements, development of job profiles, and assessments for all sales candidates


Sales Training or Coaching Program of the Year

Through RAIN Group’s training and ongoing coaching and reinforcement, cStor experienced wins in several areas.

  • Number of deals closed year-over year improved by 15.2%
  • Gross profit margin on sales won improved by 12.2% as sellers focused more on rational and emotional business outcomes as opposed to features and benefits
  • Reduced average days to close by 10.4%, which has enabled sales professionals to move on to other deals
  • Reduced average days to getting a "no" by 11.8%, another productivity win that has allowed the team to focus on finding new opportunities instead of wasting time on lost cases
  • Results were so impressive the program won a prestigious Stevie Award for Sales Training/Coaching Program of the Year
"We embarked on the sales transformation journey three years ago with RAIN Group and they guided us every step of the way. They fundamentally changed behaviors and the way we sell."

-  Larry Gentry, President & CEO

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