Strategic Account Management

Maximize revenue in your existing accounts.

Learn how to grow your existing accounts.

Growing existing accounts is one of the most profitable ways you can increase sales. However, the path to get there isn't always clear.

Strategic Account Management is a self-paced online sales training course designed to help you identify and capitalize on opportunities to grow your accounts.

Develop your enterprise-level relationships and protect your key accounts from competitors.

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30-day, 100% money-back guarantee

The program includes:

  • 50+ Lessons
  • Assignments and tools
  • Downloadable resources
  • Certification

This program has been developed for individuals and small teams. Learn more about our full suite of corporate sales training programs.


30-day, 100% money-back guarantee

The program includes:

  • 50+ Lessons
  • Assignments and tools
  • Downloadable resources
  • Certification

This program has been developed for individuals and small teams. Learn more about our full suite of corporate sales training programs.

What Will I Learn?

You'll get a proven process for maximizing revenue in your existing accounts. After completing the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Sell more of your existing offerings to your customers (and avoid 7 traps that many account leaders fall into)
  • Develop enterprise-level relationships
  • Grow accounts systematically and predictably with a 5-stage process
  • Unseat the competition and protect your accounts from competitive threats
  • Put together account plans that guarantee growth
  • Become essential to your customers

Want to dig deeper into the content before taking the leap? Get the full details on each program lesson below.

module_icon Module 1: Introduction to Strategic Account Management

Companies that grow accounts consistently don't do it by chance. They do it systematically. Learn how Top Performers in Strategic Account Management (SAM) drive superior results.  This module includes the following lessons:

  • Top Performance in Strategic Account Management
  • The 5-Stage Strategic Account Management Process
  • Roles of Strategic Account Managers
module_icon Module 2: Account Planning Essentials

Discover the essential planning components to grow accounts with the Strategic Account Planner. This module includes the following lessons:

  • 6 Key Components of the Strategic Account Plan
  • Strategic Account Planner Walkthrough
  • Tactical Tips for Growing Strategic Accounts
  • Assignment: Start Your Strategic Account Plan
module_icon Module 3: Leading a Value Discovery Session

Collaborate with your accounts to add value. Learn a framework for running Value Labs to uncover the best ideas for adding value. This module includes the following lessons:

  • The 3 Legs of the Value Proposition Stool
  • Understanding Value Connection, Creation, and Co-Creation
  • 4 Stages of Structured Problem Solving
  • Tips for Leading an Internal Value Lab
  • Value Labbing with the 4 Stages of Structured Problem Solving
  • Tips for Leading an External Value Lab
  • Assignment: Prepare to Lead a Value Lab
module_icon Module 4: Understanding Decision Roles

Learn how to identify and sell to the various decision-makers in your accounts and develop strategies for strengthening your account relationships. This module includes the following lessons:

  • How Buyers View Relationship Strength
  • The 5 Decision Roles
  • Creating Change Champions
  • Understanding the Business Driver and Approver
  • Understanding the Domino and the Evaluator
  • Uncovering the Buyers' Decision-Making Process
module_icon Module 5: Succeeding with the 6 Buyer Personas

Learn how to understand and quickly identify the 6 unique buyer personas so you can more effectively communicate, strengthen relationships, and increase your value. This module includes the following lessons:

  • Overview: Different Communication Strokes for Different Folks
  • The 6 Buyer Personas in Brief
  • How to Identify the 6 Buyer Personas
  • Working with Decisive Danielle, Relationship Renee, and Analytical Al
  • Working with Consensus Claire, Skeptical Steve, and Innovator Irene
  • Tactical Tips for Selling to the 6 Buyer Personas
  • Assignment: Plan to Work with Different Buyer Personality Types
module_icon Module 6: Profiling Your Clients' Needs

Conduct an effective needs discovery meeting with your account so you can craft a solution that will be relevant and effective. This module includes the following lessons:

  • The Power of Afflictions and Aspirations
  • Powerful Questions for Sales Meetings and Needs Discovery
  • The Power of Why
  • Creating a Shared Understanding of Needs
  • Types of Needs Buyers Have
  • The Key to Leading a Thorough Needs Discovery Meeting
  • 10 Tactical Tips to Lead a Thorough Needs Discovery
  • Assignment: Prepare Questions for a Needs Discovery Meeting
module_icon Module 7: Succeeding with Account Research

Account research is essential to the account planning process. Learn how to approach research to get the information you need and propel account growth. This module includes the following lessons:

  • Account Research: It's Not What Many People Think It Is
  • Understanding PESTEL Analysis
  • Uncovering Your Account's Agenda
  • Top 10 Ways to Research Your Account
  • Checklist of Questions for Account Research
  • Assignment: Document What You Know About Your Account
module_icon Module 8: Protecting Accounts Against the Competition

Having a competitor steal an account you should have won is a frustrating experience. Learn to craft strategies that neutralize, unseat, and protect your accounts from competitive threats. This module includes the following lessons:

  • Analyzing Your Competitor Landscape
  • 3 Competitive Approaches: Neutralize, Emphasize, Individualize
  • The Strength, Weakness, Strategy Framework for Competitor Planning
  • Finding out About Competitors Inside Your Accounts
  • Assignment: Analyze the Competition
module_icon Module 9: Building an Account Mission and Choosing Key Performance Indicators

Two areas are critical to driving change: account missions and key performance indicators (KPIs). Create a compelling account mission and define your KPIs to drive success. This module includes the following lessons:

  • Crafting an Account Mission Statement
  • Tips for Creating and Using an Account Mission Statement
  • Identifying Account KPIs
  • Assignment: Develop an Account Mission
module_icon Module 10: Employing "Big Play" Strategies

When a growth opportunity is significant, you need to go all in to win it. Develop strategies to strengthen relationships, outsell the competition, and grow your most important accounts. This module includes the following lessons:

  • Plays, Big Plays, and the 6 Types
  • Big Play Examples
  • Which Plays and Big Plays Should You Pursue?
  • Assignment: Evaluate Your Big Play Ideas
module_icon Module 11: Making Your Account Plan Rock-Solid

If you want to build the best account growth plan that gets executed, use the Venture Capital Test. This module includes the following lessons:

  • What is the Venture Capital (VC) Test?
  • How the VC Test Works
  • How to Pitch Your Account to the VCs
  • Common Account Plan Problems to Avoid
  • Assignment: Prepare Your VC Test Presentation
module_icon Module 12: Enhancing and Maintaining Client Loyalty

Developing strong relationships in your accounts is critical to account growth success. Discover strategies to deepen relationships with key stakeholders in your accounts and develop a plan to do so. This module includes the following lessons:

  • How Buyers View Relationship Strength
  • How to Enhance Client Relationships
  • Manufacturing Serendipity to Build Relationships and Drive Opportunity
  • 4 Keys to Building Trust in Sales
  • Tactical Tips for Building Trust in Sales
  • Assignment: Rate Your Current Relationship Strength

What Participants Are Saying

What Does Membership Include?

Robust Curriculum

Robust Curriculum

Get access to 50+ lessons over 12 distinct modules with text and video options.

Assignments & Resources

Assignments & Resources

Exercises, tools, ebooks, and more to help you apply new knowledge on the job.

Knowledge Checks

Knowledge Checks

Test your retention of the key points in each module.

Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning

Learn your way on desktop, tablet, or mobile.



Earn a certificate of completion to celebrate your professional growth.



Course content is based on over a decade of proprietary sales research and analysis.


Who should take this course?

Sellers, account managers, or client-facing staff who are responsible for managing and growing existing accounts or managing an account team.

How long does it take to complete the course? Are all lessons available at once?

All program content is available and accessible on-demand as soon as you sign up.

There are 12 modules, each with associated lessons. When completed at our recommended pace of 1 module per week, you’ll finish the program in 3 months.

However, if after completing the modules you would like continued access to the program content and tools, you are welcome to stay subscribed as long as you’d like.

Is the content downloadable?

Modules are available to view in text and video for your convenience and learning preference. You may view them directly in your browser on any device.

Many of the lessons include downloadable resources, tools, reports, and more. Those are yours to download and keep to reference whenever you like.

What's the cost?

Typical sales training programs cost thousands of dollars, require travel, and often teach you strategies that simply don’t work in the world of selling today.

Tuition for Strategic Account Management is $199/month. You’ll be making an important investment in your career to achieve breakthroughs in your sales success. You’ll make this investment back many times over in just your first sale.

Please note that the program is a monthly recurring subscription. Once enrolled, your credit card will be billed automatically every 30 days until you notify us to cancel.

How does the 30-day, money-back guarantee work?
We think you’re going to find the program content compelling and the tools invaluable. If you don’t agree, notify us within your first 30 days of membership and we will be happy to refund your payment, no questions asked.
I want my team to take this course. Do you have group rates?
We offer discounted rates for groups of 5 or more. If you have a team that would benefit from Strategic Account Management or are interested in bringing the program on-site, contact us for more information at support@raingroup.com or call 508-405-0438.
How do I know if this program is for me?

Get insights into where you can improve your sales skills with our complimentary self-assessment. You’ll see how you stack up to top performers across:

  • Ability to drive value
  • Prospecting
  • Driving and discovering needs
  • Solution crafting
  • Presenting
  • Winning
  • Advanced consultative selling skills
  • Influencing buyer thinking around needs and solutions

Once you’ve pinpointed your biggest gaps, return here to select the program that fits your needs.

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