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Take control of sales negotiations.

Read 10 articles on how to negotiate better deals and you’ll come away with 10 different theories. Not all of them are helpful, few are comprehensive, and few are designed specifically for the sales field.

When you enroll in RAIN Sales Negotiation, you get a complete, foolproof process for sales negotiation that’s proven to work. Negotiation is a craft that can be learned by just about anyone, and with self-paced online lessons plus practical tools and a negotiation simulation, you too can close more deals faster at higher margins.

If you want to stop getting beaten up in negotiations and being forced to focus on price over value, then RAIN Sales Negotiation is for you.

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What Will I Learn?

In RAIN Sales Negotiation, you’ll overcome your fears, gain confidence, and leave behind some common misconceptions about sales negotiation. You’ll learn:

  • 16 common buyer manipulation tactics and how to counter them
  • How to deal with purchasing and procurement departments
  • A proven framework for sales negotiation success
  • How to get the maximum fees and margins for your products and services
  • Why “win-win” is often, but not always, the best possible approach—despite what you may have been told
  • How to overcome indecision in the sales process and close more sales faster
  • The real deal with objections and how to overcome them (about 90% of all sales objections can be predicted before the negotiation starts)
  • How to avoid common negotiation mistakes (made even by top sellers) that drive down margins and lengthen sales cycles
Want to dig deeper into the content before taking the leap? Get the full details on each program lesson below.
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Lesson 6
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Lesson 8
Lesson 9
Lesson 10
Lesson 11
Lesson 1:
Fundamentals of Sales Negotiation

Every journey has a beginning. In this lesson, we introduce the skills and concepts that will turn you into a top-performing negotiator, including:

  • How to set yourself up for success by having the right mindset, and following the right process, to achieve the best possible agreement
  • The two negotiation approaches you need to know to succeed
  • Examples of when to use each negotiation approach (hint: it’s not always one or the other)
Lesson 2:
Profile of a Successful Negotiator

The best negotiators share certain skills and attributes that propel them to success. In this lesson you’ll learn if you’ve got what it takes to join them. Specifically, we walk you through:

  • The 10 skills you must develop for negotiation success
  • The 7 attributes top negotiators possess—these are characteristics that can’t be taught, and you either have them, or you don’t
Lesson 3:
The RAIN Sales Negotiation Method

Ever gone into a negotiation with no idea what to expect? Remember how that felt? In this lesson, we make sure that never happens again by sharing our proven negotiation method. You’ll learn:

  • How to identify the objectives and requirements of any negotiation and use them to your advantage
  • How to lead negotiations that get the best outcomes and enhance the strength of relationships
  • The role emotions play in negotiations, and how to prevent them from derailing your efforts
  • Three detractors that can sabotage your negotiation
Lesson 4:
The Art of Uncovering Objectives and Exploring Possibilities

You can brainstorm any number of possible solutions for a negotiation—but they mean nothing if you don’t know your buyer’s objectives and understand how they match up with your own. In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • How to dig beneath a buyer's stated position in order to determine their real objectives.
  • How to get past the all too common, "money is going to be a problem" response from buyers
  • The art of creating and exploring possibilities
Lesson 5:
The Importance of Requirements and Alternatives

You can waste days, weeks, or even months negotiating deals that fall through because your solutions don’t match up with the buyer’s fundamental needs. In this lesson you’ll learn how to cut to the core of what your buyer needs in order to make a deal—and whether or not it’s worth your time and energy to move forward. We walk you through:

  • How to uncover a buyer's real requirements for the sale (i.e. "My budget is X," "We have to make a decision in 30 days," etc.)
  • How to know when to walk away
  • Why you must know the Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) in all negotiation situations
Lesson 6:
Mastering the Sales Negotiation Process

No matter the topic, scale, or circumstances, all negotiations require you to follow a certain process. And if you don’t, you’re opening yourself up to the attacks of better-prepared buyers. This lesson will:

  • Walk you through the four major components of the negotiation process
  • Explain why most negotiations are won and lost during the preparation phase
  • Demonstrate why it's important to get verbal, written, and public commitment from the buyer
Lesson 7:
16 Buyer Tactics—and Strategies for Responding

Tired of constantly fighting off buyer negotiation tactics designed to make you surrender value? In this lesson, you'll learn:

  • 16 of the most common buyer negotiation tactics you’ll encounter
  • How to respond to each tactic and keep the process moving in the right direction
Lesson 8:
Overcoming Objections

It wouldn't be a negotiation without buyer objections. But did you know that about 90% of all buyer pushback can be predicted before the negotiation even starts? In this lesson, you'll learn:

  • Common buyer objections and how to overcome them
  • How objections help you uncover hidden buyer weaknesses or needs that can give you an edge as you try to close the deal
Lesson 9:
Negotiating with the Different Buyer Personas

Don’t be fooled—just because we’re giving you a proven negotiation method, it doesn’t mean that all negotiations are created equal. There’s always at least one distinct variable: the buyer. In this lesson you'll learn:

  • The common buyer personas you'll come across in your negotiations
  • How to deal with each persona so that you get the most out of the negotiation and avoid potential stumbling blocks
  • Why some buyer personas are easier to negotiate with than others
Lesson 10:
Understanding Power and Leverage

In this lesson, we discuss the essential concepts of power and leverage in negotiations. You'll learn:

  • How power and leverage can help you achieve favorable outcomes in your sales negotiations
  • The sources of power and leverage for both buyers and sellers
  • How to change the power dynamics of a negotiation in order to enhance your leverage should you need to apply it
Lesson 11:
Planning a Negotiation

Planning for a negotiation means a lot more than putting on your best power suit and blasting Eye of the Tiger on your stereo. You need to know everything about your buyer: their needs, objectives, likely objections, their negotiating style, and much more. And you need to know how you’ll use those factors to come to the best possible arrangement.

This lesson will ensure you’re the best-prepared negotiator when you sit down to the bargaining table. You’ll learn how to:

  • Prepare for possible buyer pushback
  • Identify your needs, as well as those of the buyer, and map out how they match up (if at all) to form the best possible agreement
  • Outline the steps you need to take to gain commitment and close the deal

What Does Membership Include?

11 Training Lessons

Content is available in video and text to consume at home or on-the-go, at your own pace.

Negotiation Simulation Game

Put your skills to the test in negotiation scenarios where every decision strengthens or weakens your position.

Downloadable Tools & Checklists

Learning happens by doing. Our practical, quick-reference tools help you apply negotiation strategies right away.

Knowledge Check Quizzes

Put your learning to the test with our interactive quizzes to test your retention of key points in each lesson.

Case Studies & Role Plays

Visualize the program techniques in action with real-world examples of sales negotiation successes.

Sales Negotiation Planner

Get instant access to the RAIN Sales Negotiation Planner, a tool to help you prepare for and facilitate your next negotiation.


Who should take this course?
  • Sellers looking to go beyond a “start high and meet in the middle” generic approach to sales negotiation and learn a comprehensive theory they can apply to all of their sales.
  • Sales managers looking for a negotiation process and framework to use with their teams.
How long does it take to complete the course? Are all lessons available at once?

All program content is available and accessible on-demand as soon as you sign up.

There are 11 lessons, each lasting approximately 20 minutes. When completed at our recommended pace of 1 lesson per week, you’ll finish the program in just 3 months.

However, if after completing the lessons you would like continued access to the program content and tools, you are welcome to stay subscribed as long as you’d like.

Is the content downloadable?

Lessons are available to view in text and video for your convenience and learning preference. The program tools and resources are also yours to download and keep to reference whenever you like.

What’s the cost?

Typical sales negotiation training programs cost thousands of dollars, require travel, and often teach you tactics that simply don’t work in sales negotiations today.

Tuition for RAIN Sales Negotiation is $129/month, and you’ll be making an important investment in your career to achieve breakthroughs in your sales success. You’ll make this investment back many times over in just your first sale.

Please note that the program is a monthly recurring subscription. Once enrolled, your credit card will be billed automatically every 30 days until you notify us to cancel.

How does the 30-day, money-back guarantee work?

We think you’re going to find the program content compelling and the tools invaluable. If you don’t agree, notify us within your first 30 days of membership and we will be happy to refund your payment, no questions asked.

I want my team to take this course. Do you have group rates?

We offer discounted rates for groups of 5 or more. If you have a team that would benefit from RAIN Sales Negotiation or are interested in bringing the program on-site, contact us for more information at support@raingroup.com or call 508-405-0438.

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