"RAIN Group provided the guidance to focus our sales efforts and work towards a model that could be both successful and scalable. This model was a combination of sales channels and the appropriate mix of marketing to deliver the right cost per sale. Sales have continued to grow a double digit pace based on their guidance."

- President, National Technology Services Company



All RAIN Group services are designed to help unleash the sales potential of your team. While our approach for every client is unique based on their industry and the challenges they face, our services tend to fall into 4 categories:

Sales Consulting: Many factors affect sales performance—the people, the organization, the sales structure, and the sales process. We’ll assess your organization, find the opportunities to significantly improve sales results, and build you a plan to get there.

Sales Training: Through our training program, The RAIN SellingSM Seminar, and other skill-building training programs, we help companies increase sales and margins. Our training programs cover everything from prospecting to presentations to negotiation to sales management and key account management.

Sales Coaching: Working with a coach can be the difference between success and failure in sales. We help companies improve the coaching skills of their sales managers and provide coaching directly from RAIN Group coaches to help your salespeople build skills and confidence, and stay on target to reach their goals.

Sales Assessments: We'll help you identify who on your team can sell, who will sell, and where they need to improve. Our assessments measure sales attributes and skills only, pinpointing the areas that will make the greatest difference in your team's success.

RAIN Group Can Help Unleash the Sales Potential of Your Team

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