Hitachi Solutions generates more than $40 million in revenue from existing accounts.

Client: Hitachi Solutions Canada
Industry: Technology
Services: Assessments, Strategic Account Management Consulting, and Sales Training


Hitachi Solutions Canada is a consulting firm and systems integrator passionate about helping companies flourish. Through a portfolio of management consulting, implementation, and support services, they help clients compete with the largest global enterprises with powerful, easy-to-use, affordable industry solutions. They saw a great opportunity to add value to accounts, which would increase their revenue and client satisfaction. They sought RAIN Group’s support for sales and strategic account management training.



Hitachi Solutions engaged RAIN Group to help implement a strategic account management process, build strategic account management skills, and build sales skills among their team of consultants and sales leaders. RAIN Group:

  • Analyzed the team to help Hitachi get the right cross-division and expertise teams together to strategize
  • Combined strategic account management training with real-time strategy and planning sessions through a customized Strategic Account Management training program
  • Delivered customized RAIN Selling training programs to build sales skills with teams across various geographies, taking full advantage of RAIN Group’s online sales training offerings
  • Developed a plan to create value for Hitachi Solutions’ accounts, helping the Hitachi team think 'client value first' versus product and service first
  • Rolled out a Strategic Account Planner in the training program, allowing account leaders to go directly from strategy to action so training transferred immediately on-the-job


After RAIN Group’s strategic account planning process was solidified and implemented, Hitachi Solutions saw significant growth in its strategic accounts, including:

  • $2 million in revenue from ideas generated during the 2-day Strategic Account Management training
  • $40 million in revenue generated from existing accounts attributed to the strategic account planning process
  • $10 million in pipeline generated in existing accounts from the session

The results of the Strategic Account Management program were so strong they were featured at the Strategic Account Management Association’s (SAMA) national conference.

"RAIN Group helped us accelerate our strategic account management process. Our sellers spend a lot of time with existing relationships. In order to grow our revenue in existing accounts we need to identify new relationships, new buying centers and provide fresh compelling insights and ideas. RAIN Group provided us a framework to penetrate new buying centers and bring new, big ideas to our clients."

- Vice President Market Development, Hitachi Solutions

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