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Sales Forecasting Toolkit

Some things take guesswork. Sales forecasting shouldn't be one of them.

From managing spending and growth plans to hiring and reaching revenue targets, accurate sales forecasting is essential for decision-making across organizations. But there's a lot that goes into a forecast, and getting it wrong has high stakes. If you're working with outdated or inaccurate data, it becomes much harder to recover when numbers are down.

You need to be confident in where your pipeline stands at any given time. This complimentary toolkit teaches you to apply structure, rigor, and consistency to your pipeline reviews, giving you the ability to identify vulnerabilities, assess risk factors, and mitigate challenges before they catch you unaware.

The toolkit includes:

  • The Complete Guide to Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management: Learn common forecasting challenges, the mechanics of pipeline management, and how to stress test opportunities.
  • Introduction to Sales Forecasting for Managers Video: Adopt a reliable sales forecasting process for your team that informs and guides strategy.
  • RAIN Pipeline Review Tool and Example: Use this tool to review your pipeline, calculate forecast revenue from new business and existing accounts, and determine the gap from your goal.

You’ll learn:

  • The types of sales forecasting
  • 4 steps to conduct a pipeline stress test
  • What stage gates are and how to use them in pipeline management
  • Challenges of sales forecasting
  • How to use buyer verifications to progress opportunities
  • 12 tips to keep pipeline meetings on track

Download this toolkit today to start leading pipeline analyses that allow you to make data-driven decisions that impact your company's bottom line.

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