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9 Keys to B2B Sales Success

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Written by Mike Schultz
President, RAIN Group

There are a lot of opinions on what to do to drive sales success. I Googled the topic and found over 60 distinct pieces of advice for what to do and not to do, but most of the advice was, indeed, just opinions. Any references to research or proven success was tangential at best.

You deserve better!

Based on our work with B2B sales teams around the globe, as well as data from the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research, where we relentlessly study what the top sellers do and what buyers are looking for, we have gleaned 9 keys to achieving success in today's B2B sales environment.

But first, we need to answer an important question:

What do you mean by B2B Sales?

B2B (business-to-business) sales refers to one business selling products, services, or solutions to another business. The dynamics of B2B Sales tend to be more complicated than business-to-consumer (B2C) sales because they often involve higher dollar value solutions, longer sales cycles, and multiple decision makers. 

Improve Your B2B Sales Success

Last Updated August 16, 2023

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