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The 6 Phases of the Buying and Selling Process [PDF]

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Written by Mike Schultz
President, RAIN Group

When organizations have a "World-Class" sales process (the top tier of our 5-level sales process maturity level scale), the win rate from proposal averages 57%. When the sales process is merely "Defined," the win rate averages just 44%.

Getting your sales process right, and knowing it inside and out, is essential if you want to bring in wins consistently. 80% of Elite Performers (the top 7% of respondents to our research study) have sellers who are deeply knowledgeable about their company's sales best practices. Only 34% of The Rest do. To facilitate the sale successfully, you also need to understand the buying process and how it works.

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See the graphic below for a 6-phase framework connecting the selling process with the buying process.


6 phases of the buying and selling process

Click to enlarge and view the full PDF.

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