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It's 2024 and sales training has reached an inflection point.

Traditional sales training—in the manner of select a program, deliver training, reinforce—is failing to meet the needs of both modern learners and organizations.

For today’s sales training to be effective, it needs to go beyond traditional training. You must:

  • Craft your change strategy and tailor training to your organization’s way of selling
  • Deliver training for adult learners that drives retention and application
  • Enable success with ongoing support for sellers and a relentless focus on results

But where do you start?

In this sales training guide, we walk you step-by-step through developing a sales education system that builds sales team capabilities, drives results, and transforms the way your team sells.

You'll learn:

  • The 3 pillars of sales education systems that drive change and results
  • How to define lead and lag measures of your training initiative
  • How to develop a sales curriculum based on seller and sales manager competencies
  • The essential components of modular, multi-modal, modern sales training
  • How to guarantee adoption and retention of your training
  • The role of sales managers in driving leader-led transformation
  • How to measure success and use those measures for continuous improvement

Including new research from our Skills and Behaviors of Top-Performing Sales Managers and Sellers Research, this guide will teach you how to design training to develop a team of top performers who not only meet, but consistently exceed, their goals.

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Complete Guide to Sales Training Success

Guide: The Complete Guide to Sales Training Success